Grand homes of unusual shape

10.02.2011 00:00
Articles about real estate | Grand homes of unusual shape New construction - this is not necessarily boring living block, or even an ensemble of several "Jolly" towers. What do you think of apartment buildings that are one to one similar to an iceberg or a cliff? Or egg, or, even inadvertently, in the ear?

Living in a wave or an ice slab

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Reorganization of former industrial sites, followed by housing construction - matter, as it turns out, are not boring, and not just for those who take direct part in the process. Say, in Denmark, in the port city of Aarhus (the second largest city in the country), the territory of the old container terminal is given under the reorganization, so that at this point to build a new residential area. It is expected that by 2010 will be built about 25 thousand square meters. m of residential areas. About 200 apartments in the new district will give a social housing. It would seem that could be more boring? However - you will be surprised - the competition for the design of a residential complex won quite dull project (workshop CEBRA architects in conjunction with Louis Paillard and SeArch). Homes, a third living space that goes under the affordable housing that looks similar to one in one icebergs. White and clear glass - a dominant color scheme of the facades and roofs will be made in the form of vertices of ice blocks. The only thing though: the underground part of the "iceberg" will not, as required by the thorough loyalty to natural samples, more ground.

In hot Dubai also appealed to the maritime theme, however, given the climatic differences from northern Denmark, the local Jolly Newly named Iris Mist is like not an iceberg, and the wave. Yes, and social housing will not be here: it is assumed that the 200-meter building will house luxury apartments (apartments with one, two or three bedrooms), 6 trading halls, 28 offices. House height of 54 storeys and a total area of 79 thousand square meters. m on a draft of the architectural bureau WS Atkins planned to be completed by 2011.

Rocks: The price per square meter

House-rock - this is not a figure of speech, or even "cave dwelling" is familiar to many tourists. Thus, the second largest city of Colombia, Medellin, is a modern cultural center, disguised as the surrounding rock. The complex of buildings is visible from everywhere in the city, but in no way distorts the historical appearance of the town (which was founded in 1616), because looks like a continuation of the rocks. Center called Biblioteca Parque Espana - the three buildings, connected by a common platform (the one is also an observation deck overlooking the city), which posted a cultural center, classrooms and, as the name implies, the library. The total area of more than 14 thousand square meters. m, area of buildings - about 4 thousand square meters. m

As they say residents of Medellin, the appearance of the complex and constantly changing depending on the viewing angle and time of day - just like real rock! Even the windows are located, at first glance, quite haphazardly, reminiscent of the traces of time on the rocks or layers of rock protruding from the rocks.

Home-rock, though somewhat less spectacular, there will be in Copenhagen - the Danish capital. The residential complex of 80 apartments is accompanied by a parking lot for 480 parking spaces, in general, the ratio of the areas of housing and parking here is pretty strange: one to two in favor of machines. Solution of a difficult task - to comply with these proportions, without violating the norms of insolation and sanitary regulations - was engaged in architectural firm BIG architects. As a result, the entire area of the site was posted the amount of parking, the resulting building - a polygon in several stories - is extended in height from one side and looks like a rock slope. On the findings as a result of "terraces", which are surrounded by greenery, and placed in homes. On perforated aluminum plates (they are covered with facades on the north and west, and the practical meaning of this decision is that they allow air and light to droop to the parking lot) suffer a contour image of Mount Everest. So in the dark outlines of a huge mountain will be displayed on the facade by the illuminated interior of the garage.

What surprised Moscow

Since the latter is the sea around the Russian capital there were only a little more than 300 million years ago, and in its architectural delights architects Jolly Moscow buildings draw inspiration from other areas. Here, for example, house-egg (with an area of 342 square meters. M), located on ul. Mashkov, 1 / 11. Another house in the shape of an egg, but much more impressive scale (54 floors: apartments, offices, retail area), could appear in the 4 th Krasnogvardejskiy travel, but this project wrapped up "the capital's mayor, Yuri Luzhkov. According to the mayor, the idea does not shine with originality (like the building of the famous Norman Foster already exists in London), besides being built, a huge "egg" would close view of the "Moscow City".

However, the construction of 24-storey residential building "Parus" (aka, the folk version of "home-ear" - Muscovites consider it one of the ugliest houses of the capital) at the time such gripes are not triggered. There is in Moscow, for example, and "Pregnant house" (the 1 st Brest street): the Puzata "part of it is beyond the red line as much as 5 meters. But the house "patriarch" Workshop by Sergei Tkachenko famous not form, and elements of decoration: they say that adorn its "antique" sculptures - images of metropolitan officials in the robes of noble Romans.
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