"State loans" will not affect the cost of mortgages

14.12.2010 14:53
Articles about real estate | "State loans" will not affect the cost of mortgages Bankers believe that the resumption of the refinancing of mortgage loans through the SMI will not significantly affect the mortgage market and the cost of borrowing.

The resumption of the SMI program refinancing is unlikely to have a significant impact on the mortgage market. Since the program refinancing will not be able to cover all market participants, as well as from banks, and from the borrowers, - says the head of the retail customers of the Department of active bank operations Kyiv Taras Bloschanevych.

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According to the National Bank at the end of October 2010, the amount of loans granted by banks to the public to purchase real estate is 86 bln. The amount that the SMI will send to refinance mortgage loans, is only UAH 2 billion., That is 2,3% of market capacity. Therefore, most bankers believe that the market is simply "not notice" of those funds, says Money.

"Refinancing of SMI will be focused primarily on lending to property developers, as well as the portion of the population that will purchase property from developers of these" - the director of retail biznesaTerra Bank Svetlana Marakhovskii. Therefore, use this program can not all.

Recall that in late November, the State Mortgage Institution identified the refinancing rate at 11% per annum.

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