Goszem counted landowners

07.02.2011 09:25
Articles about real estate | Goszem counted landowners At the base of the automated system of state land cadastre on January 1, 2011, contains information about 11.7 million land parcels, such data are provided in the press service of the State Agency of Land Resources (Goszem).

According Goszema, land in the State Register on January 1 this year registered 15.91 million documents confirming the right to land, including 15.41 million state certificate of ownership of land that are already citizens and 77 thousand - the legal entity . In addition, 427 thousand state certificate issued to the right of permanent land use.

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The report also notes that in 2010 the formation of the inventory work was conducted on the use of orthophotos of Ukrainian territory on the basis of which creates an index cadastral map and base map of Ukraine.

According Goszema as part of a World Bank project "Delivery of state certificate of ownership to land in rural areas and development of cadastre system", carried out aerial surveys 76% or 457.6 thousand square meters. km of the territory of Ukraine, created orthophotos by 62% or 374.8 thousand square meters. m the territory of Ukraine.

In goszeme note that completion of the conduct of aerial orthophoto compilation scheduled for 2012

Earlier Goszem planned to complete the creation of an automated system of state land cadastre in Ukraine until June 2012

Recall that in October 2003, Ukraine signed an agreement with the World Bank for a loan of $ 195.13 million in the project issue of state certificate of ownership to land in the countryside and the development of cadastre system, which was ratified by Parliament in June 2004, however, 2008 the Ukrainian authorities have restructured credit agreement, excluding the funding of a unified registration system, and the amount allocated for the project was reduced from $ 195.13 million to $ 101 million

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