Good to have a house in the English countryside

04.03.2011 15:48
More and more Brits prefer to measured life in the countryside furious pace of big cities. It's not just the village beauty, pure air and solitude. Rural homes are spacious, cozy, sold together with land and ideal for large families.

Despite the high cost of living in rural areas, the demand for village houses continues to grow.

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According to the University of Loughborough, the cost of villagers on average 20% more than city dwellers. Especially costly to travel to the city. But it does not make rural life less attractive. For example, Norfolk is still popular among people seeking a quiet life away from the city.

Tom Goodley, a member of estate agency Strutt & Parker in Norwich, said that 70% of the purchase and sale transactions relates specifically to the houses in the countryside. Norfolk removed from London, so the prices are much lower than the capital. But the village can easily get to the administrative center, as, according to Goodley, Norwich no further than a 45 minute drive from anywhere in South Norfolk.

"The real estate market is sensitive to price fluctuations, but such popular towns, such as Bernem Market, keep afloat," - said Goodly.

He also drew attention to the village Uortuell - one of the key markets in the county of Norfolk, where for a 500-600 thousand pounds to buy a house of four rooms, in good condition and with a garden.

Lucy Poole, her husband and two children moved from Surrey in Uortuell 13 years ago. Here they bought a derelict house with a thatched roof. Lucy says that not once regretted the move.

"My husband - real estate appraiser, he travels across the country, and I work with him. Therefore, we could live anywhere. We would like to live in an area with a measured pace of life so that you can safely raise our two children, "- says Lucy.

As for transportation, then, according to Lucy Poole, there are no problems, because, unlike in Surrey, rural roads are empty and do not have to stand for hours in traffic jams. Nearest to Uortuellu railway station is located in Diss, from where London can be reached within half an hour.

Another area where you can buy a house in a beautiful location for a reasonable price - Cotswolds hills. According to James Murray, a real estate agent who specializes in the sale of facilities in the area, in the best towns - Krenem, Pensuik, Shipskomb - house prices not declined over the past four years. This suggests that demand for housing in the Cotswolds hills high enough.

"In extreme Shipskombe in an ordinary building a house of three rooms, require little maintenance, is worth about 375,000 pounds. The same house in the town of Stroud will cost you only 200 thousand, "- says Murray.

In this area there are many celebrities, there are good schools and lots of pubs. Demand does not fall behind the proposals. Many houses are sold privately and did not even have time to enter the market.

Real estate agents say that in the southern counties of England, from Kent to Cornwall, has more potential buyers wishing to purchase farm houses, and the demand clearly exceeds supply.

So, Rob and Jane Butler spent a year looking for a suitable home in the south-west of England.

"There is no noise of machines, no neighbors close by, but have their own land, birds singing, bees buzzing - a real piece of wildlife. Just what we need - Jane says .- As soon as the market appears next farmhouse, it ties this battle - everyone can not wait to go and look at it. "

Butler sold the house in Hertfordshire and are ready to buy a new one, but, according to them, the choice is very poor. And now a new wave of buyers coming from London to the rural hinterland to find your dream home.

"It is expected that the London investors will invest in real estate is about 7 billion pounds," - says Catherine Penman, head of research group consulting firm Carter Jonas. According to her, in Britain, amid a weak market, the farm houses of five rooms are very popular.

"As the popularity of farmers' houses are behind the London mansion, but superior to other types of real estate, such as rustic cottages and houses in the countryside" - explains the Penman.

A study conducted by Penman, found that the biggest demand is for objects near the town of Winchester in southern England.

"Ten years ago people began to pay close attention to farmers' homes, while they still had enough in the market. Farmers have experienced many shocks, many farmers decided to sell the property. Buyers understand what benefit, because houses are sold with land and outbuildings. These homes are convenient and practical for families "- says Penman.

The highest rates - around the town of Newbury (Berkshire, 90 miles west of London). Here the farmhouse is an average 2.35 million pounds. For Newbury and Winchester followed by Andover (Hampshire, southern England) where the house will cost 2.25 million pounds. In the district of Basingstoke (Hampshire) - an average of 2 million pounds.

Farm houses at lower prices can be found in East Anglia. Even despite the fact that property prices here rose by 4% over the past four months, the average price of farm house is 1.4 million pounds.

For example, a house with land in the village of Oak Farm Cockfield (Suffolk, East Anglia) for sale at a price of 1.3 million pounds. Chris Lloyd bought this house 30 years ago. He repaired it and now wants to sell and move to a less spacious housing, that he and his wife, Teresa could spend more time abroad.

On the farm, Lloyd has everything you could want: a long driveway, a few acres, five spacious bedrooms, hall, kitchen, pantry, wine cellar, four barns, garden and kitchen garden with a greenhouse.

"Cockfield - a good settlement, and we do not want to leave it" - says Chris. Here is a school, post office, several pubs and a church.

James Baker of Strutt & Parker Company sells two farm houses with land in the county of Devon in southwest England. Home valued at 785,000 and 795,000 pounds.

"About 80% of our clients seeking housing cost from 500,000 to 1 million pounds, they want to buy just farm-house," - says Baker.

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