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20.01.2011 07:53
Articles about real estate | Good Feng Shui Kitchen The kitchen is usually one of the most used rooms in the house or apartment. According to Chinese ideas, the appearance of the kitchen reflects the welfare of the family. In many homes, in addition to its primary function, the kitchen becomes the center of obsheniya, and almost all the significant events take place there, especially if it also serves as a dining room on weekdays.

Today the West is very popular trend to combine the kitchen, living room and even go into one room. We have such a union, too practiced - from the lack of square meters and the habit of "living in the kitchen." But, according to feng shui, if you have a choice, it is still better to make different rooms for these purposes.

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Since the kitchen is the scene of vigorous activity, it must dominate the top yang. Tree inclines the balance in favor of the yin, while the metal emphasizes the quality of yang, so try to balance these opposites, not only on the basis of personal taste, but in accordance with feng shui. Excess wood can lead to grim and prim atmosphere in the kitchen, and the excess metal will give the room-tech appearance and contributes to aggressive emotions.

Lighting in the kitchen should be bright enough but not sharp. Natural light creates the best movement of qi, it is recommended that large window panels with no bulky frames, delaying part of the world. Pushes the curtains on the windows, and if you have blinds, keep them uplifted throughout the day. One plant in a pot or a crystal hanging in front of a window, will be sufficient for the recovery of the atmosphere, do not clutter the kitchen all sorts of things.

If the kitchen is small and quite dark, choose a lighter color wallpapers and strengthen the capacity of the top lighting. Avoid scarlet, dark blue and generally saturated colors, preferring pastel shades. Pure white, too sharp for most of the rooms, can be used effectively in the kitchen, because it creates a feeling of space.

If you want to activate some sort of zone in the kitchen with the corresponding color, this is best done not through the coloring of furniture or wallpaper, and using small objects. For example, if you want to encourage an element of fire in the south for more than a successful career, you can put in this area red toaster or jug. If you want to stimulate the element of Water in the north for spiritual development, put there some black object or decoration.

Using these or other hues in the kitchen, avoid color combinations with the opposite element. For example, black color, which is associated with water, must not fall into the southern zone of fire. Colors that are associated with metal, should not prevail in the eastern and southeastern areas of the tree.

Very often naschih kitchen sink and stove are next. Generally it is better to avoid such a neighborhood. They represent the opposite of energy - fire and water, so when they are too close, there is a conflict. If, however, to put between them a mirror, two way or a reflective surface facing the stove, then it will not allow collision energies. You can also use foil, it's even better. If, however, between the sink and stove, there is at least a small space, very well put there anything wood - cabinet or board.

Mess in the kitchen often reflects the chaotic state of the finances of the family, as the cuisine in general is associated with the element of water, symbolizing prosperity. It is therefore important not to clutter the kitchen with foreign objects and contain the work surfaces clean. Collect all sorts of stuff in the pedestals and shelves cupboards.

Remember that the ball buzz created by protruding corners, open shelves and sharp objects should be avoided. If you have the kitchen open shelves, use round containers for bulk products. Keep knives and forks in a separate box, and remove them only when necessary.

Some appliances, such as a refrigerator or microwave oven, run continuously and, therefore, well stimulate individual zones rooms. Put the fridge in the south-eastern sector to improve its financial position, or in the south-west sector to strengthen family relationships. Try not to put a refrigerator in the south, as the Fire element is incompatible with low temperature.

Microwave oven is easy to mix from place to place, so you can select which area of the kitchen is best suited to stimulate the energy buzz. Small electrical appliances such as kettles, blenders and toasters, can also be used in various sectors in order to stimulate the respective qualities.

Stove would be best placed in front of the refrigerator. Fridge symbolizes the state of stagnation, as in stored frozen foods. Located opposite the plate, it "freezes" its own emanations.
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