Get the state aid for housing can only be a place of registration

14.01.2012 01:00
Articles about real estate | Get the state aid for housing can only be a place of registration Ukrainian young families can receive government assistance for housing only in the place of registration.

This was stated by Chairman of the State Fund for Youth Housing Assistance Leonid Risuhin.

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When asked journalists whether young families to receive state aid for housing only in the place of registration or can purchase a house anywhere, Risuhin said that today they can receive assistance only at the place of registration.

"The only thing we have now entered - the practice of consultation with the Ministry of Regional Development and the relevant legal authorities assistance program" Affordable Housing "we provide in the region. This is a definite step," - he said.

At the same time he stressed that right now a young family or any other citizen to receive state aid for housing and registration is all.

"How can we affirm the right of a young family, another family or just a citizen on the state support for housing? Today it is only the registration and all. If you invented something else, then we will work on a different mechanism," - said Risuhin.

Terms of the provision of concessional loan for the purchase of the youth shelter, according to Risuhin depend on the scores provided by one or another young family in accordance with approved instructions. According to him, the rate of the loan under the program of preferential crediting of youth depends on the specific rating of the family.

"We have a rating system is all ... You can come now and be the first in the ranking and receive this credit, and can be registered and to be 5-7 years in the second hundred. It depends on the amount of credit provided by this or another family according to the instructions, which we approved the Ministry of Youth and Sports "- he said.
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