Get access to the master plan can be in only five cities in Ukraine

14.03.2011 09:46
Articles about real estate | Get access to the master plan can be in only five cities in Ukraine "And from our window, the new building is visible, and from your window - just a little pit!". At about this level is the awareness of our citizens about the bright future of his small homeland.

That is about the prospects of development of settlement, in which the person was born and mostly living out its days. Even the law "On regulation of urban development in Ukraine" has finally been signed by Yanukovich, did not make the situation better. As we did not know before, that will be built on a nearby "patch" between the skyscrapers, so let us not aware of in the future, says Kiev Telegraph.

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On the controversial construction projects in the capital of our country have heard everyone who has at least a couple times a week, turns on the TV during a news program. Houses in the historic city center, shopping mall on the playground - in the Kiev mayor's office has compiled a list of at least twenty "problem" addresses. In fact, the objects on which it is not clear who, when and for what "gratitude" gave permission for land acquisition and construction, much more. So much more that the City Council think at the level of the moratorium to prohibit building a historical part of Kiev.

Call this step resolve your problem - it's like that to prescribe the guillotine for a headache. First, "under the counter" is built not only "cultural іstorichna spadschina, but also other, equally tidbits of land. Secondly, not loud, but also suffer from the arbitrariness of the builders and officials of all cities in our country. Refract the situation should be a law "On regulation of urban development in Ukraine". And more specifically, declared it as an instrument of control through the master plan communities.

I wrote about it repeatedly. And that master plans, according to lobbyists for the law, will defeat the concept of "rollback" for the allocation of land. And how this, ironically, the right initiative officials as usual "is not honored" to develop an effective mechanism with clearly defined rules of action. There was hope that the document is valid vetoed by the President on the results of applications from public organizations, overwrite with logically. Change it, and just recently the law was signed. However, experts believe: a look at what would be the hometown of five to ten years, we still can not. Not to mention the participation in the planning process.

"This law not only failed to rectify the situation, and vice versa - zakonserviruet unavailability of master plans and related corruption risks. Was not done the main thing: no one has forbidden classification of these documents ", - says the chairman of the East Center for Public Initiatives (VTSOI) Vladimir Shcherbachenko. And to confirm his words Specialist leads a rather curious information: the results of nearly two-year study of his organization found that the general plans of settlements, despite their public status, the inhabitants of these settlements is actually available. Why are there people - these plans have not been able to get himself VTSOI!

According to Mr Shcherbachenko, in late 2009, experts from the Centre sent the relevant information requests in 196 cities in Ukraine. The list includes all settlements with a population of more than 25 thousand inhabitants, as well as resort areas - potentially the most attractive area for corruption. And only 5 cities with the time sent if no master plans, or at least copies of key drawings.

"Overall, we received 151 response from the local council - says the chairman of VTSOI details. - That is 36 cities in general openly ignored our initiative, and 9 responded to it very briefly - formal replies from the category of "nobody saw, do not know anything." Yes, and a variety of other responses did not differ. Most often, we wrote that access to the general plan of organic stamped "Confidential" or classified as "DSP" (for official use), sometimes with two vultures - that for sure. Someone invited to visit - to see the general plan in the cabinet head of the local council, or complaining about poverty - ostensibly in the city budget does not provide money for photocopies. There was even a masterpiece of chicanery as a reference to the Supreme Council of USSR, who claimed the GA during the Soviet period - say, no one from there we did not give permission to release this information sverhsektretnoy.

At the same time, under Ukrainian law the general plan is a normative act of the local government body, approved the decision of the Authority shall enter into force after the official announcement and the open nature. That is, de jure right of access to it is the last homeless person to the most distant landfill itself, "slaughtered" the village in Ukraine. It does not matter to him or not. The main thing is that the information should be available. And is available in (pardon the tautology), accessible form. And not, as is done with us.

Here's a beauty here in the guise of the master plan was sent to VTSOI in response to their request for information. Which local council "unearthed" a similar rarity in their archives, I did not specify. Naively thought - will look at the picture ...

Perhaps someone will ask, why such a big fuss about this small, at first glance, the question. Just think, a master plan! Well, who would it be considered? However, according to experts, the problem can and should look more globally. "Looking at the examples of unauthorized construction, which covers the towns of Ukraine, we understand that it is a general plan of the citizens can see how to use the same mode assigned to each specific area, that there should be built and what can not be a priori. It is based on the general plan, citizens can defend children's and sports playgrounds, parks in the city center, spa zone. That is all that is now captured by the developers for "thank you" officials "- explains the project expert VTSOI" Through access to the master plan - to the City Planning without corruption "Alexander Matviychuk.

"In accordance with the Constitution of Ukraine, the land and any communal property are the property of a territorial community - continues to expert. - That is you and me. We have the right to manage the property delegate to a specially created local governments. It is logical that all the solutions of these people's representatives should be communicated to the public. After all is hard to imagine that the owner of, say, the hotel gave him control of a third person, and voluntarily agreed not know how this administration is. In our country, on very rough estimates, these "owners" of about 31 million, or 70% of the total population of Ukraine. "

For its part, noting: it is clear that access to the data of this kind can not be absolute. And there is information that should be limited (for example, the location of the main communications sources municipal water supply and heating, maps mobilization). But it should be restrictions that are necessary in a democratic society, provided for by law and are designed to protect a specific range of values. We have the same situation on a "hide not disclose, and officials have put a comma, as in the famous Soviet cartoons, at his own request. But only after the first word ...

By the way, to contrast with the above "sketch by an unknown artist" I would like to give a master plan for San Diego - one of the main but not the largest cities in California, USA. Access to it, incidentally, is free. On the official website of the city is the relevant section, where you can find just such a picture:

Increase how much you allow your computer monitor. For example, I made out the street names and outlines of buildings. Do not rule out that you can see more. By the way, San Diego was not chosen for some secret reasons. I'm sure that just simply sitting in Kiev, you can get a detailed map of any settlement of America, or whatever European country. But no cities in Ukraine.
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