Germany is coming to a wave of real estate inheritance

06.05.2011 14:08
Articles about real estate | Germany is coming to a wave of real estate inheritance Most of the population of this country is at an age when you received to write a will. Basically, the testator intended to unsubscribe to their heirs real estate, whereas before it had the money.

According to statistical surveys, which had a staff of the Institute Allensbaha, eight out of ten heirs in Germany in the coming years will receive an inheritance from their relatives in the form of real estate. Take ownership of property will bring excitement to the market, since the new owners do not always intend to use their own apartments and houses for their intended purpose and to live in them.

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As reported by "Immobilien Zeitung", the amount of private property, which is hoping to inherit the inhabitants of the country, has grown substantially in recent years. Approximately 38% of citizens have admitted that inherited the land on 70% of these sites are "family" homes.

But so far most of the inherited assets are cash, not property: three out of four people in Germany have already inherited the money, nearly two-thirds believed that they would receive money as a legacy in the near future. But the relation of money and property in wills burghers are constantly changing and in future the number of the inherited estate will only increase.

Some 58% of respondents see themselves as potential recipients of a house or apartment in which they were born. If the expectations of those people are correct, the number of citizens who received a legacy of real estate may double.

Another 20% expect to become the legal owners of real estate, leased (formerly the number does not exceed 13%). Consequently, in the future 8 out of 10 Germans will be property owners according to the results announcement of wills. And since the value of real estate is usually assessed five-and six-figure sums, then the overall picture, reflecting the size of inherited property, according to executives of the bank Postbank, will undergo significant changes.

In the future, significant changes not only the number of cases of inheritance of land, changes the ratio of the heirs to the resulting real estate. So, almost certainly, the majority of the heirs will not use the property for themselves, and want to resell it (14%) or lease (also 14%). Opportunity to move into the house testator seriously considering only 13% of respondents. Previously, the ratio of the views of respondents in this regard was somewhat different: about 15% were ready to immediately move into newly purchased home, real estate was interested in every ten, and only 8% of respondents were willing to admit in a native hut "lessee-tenant.

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