Geophysicists have identified favorable and dangerous places in Kiev

11.10.2010 06:40
Geophysicists have identified favorable and dangerous places in Kiev Residents of the center must urgently move to Troieschyna and from Podil - soon to move to Vinogradar or Poznyaki. In the vicinity of the Verkhovna Rada, where the price of the "square" one of the highest in Kyiv, to live at all dangerous to health.

Geophysics mapped the so-called geopathic zones and identified favorable and hazardous habitat.

According to geophysicist Igor Miracle band formed in the break the crust and accompanied by changes in the electromagnetic field on the surface. This, in turn, affect the biorhythms of the body - so yourself weak Bermuda Triangle.

Map showed that nearly 40% of the city fall into the geopathic zone, and therefore, scientists say, people still get sick more often, the trees grow crooked and sick, in addition, at these locations more likely to occur the accident - warp pipes, electricity, and buildings.

"We got impressive data: it appears most favorable for life in the capital is Troyeshchyna, and new building on Obolonska waterfront or in the central city to live dangerously - a long stay in geopathogenic area could provoke inflammation or even cancer," - told us a geophysicist Igor miracle.

Incidentally, this is indirectly confirmed by the statistics of disease Kiev: Desna District residents, we were told in gorzdrave, occur less often than those who dwell in the center.

In geophysics there is an explanation and the constant battles in parliament: "Here is one of the most powerful geopathic zones. At the break, such as the Mariinsky park and the building of BP, people are often disconnected consciousness and they can behave very sharply.

Moreover, when a person is in a place permanently, he upset the nervous system, and aggression becomes an integral part of conduct "- says Miracle.

Confirm that in Desnianskyi area to live better, and in Kyivenergo: where pipes have to tinker much less common than in Podolsk, Shevchenko and Solomenskiy areas.

Director of the Institute of Alexander Sergienko, believes that the influence of geopathic zones - it's all a myth.

"Sami think downtown have terrible gassy cars, and the greatest number - in the central part of the capital. At Troyeschina almost no company, little machines, and there are open spaces, which is why for people to live safely is there "- told us Sergienko.

If we talk about the statistics of morbidity and mortality, are believed to gorzdrave, are ill at Troyeschina less because there are more young people live.

The fact that the center often broken pipe, Kyivenergo also does not explain the pathogenic zones. Like, for Troyeschina and Poznyak (one more favorable zone) just communication later.

Mr. Wonder said that determine the geopathic zone beneath his house can be yourself, to observe nature.

"The trees in the area geopathogenic always curves, on the trunks of various tumors, the asphalt will also show the presence of negative emissions - it will be cracked, sagging and faults (this can be seen in the area Shulyavka, Karavaeva Duch and Scoop).
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