Gennady Kernes told how to get the land for housing

23.11.2010 07:40
Articles about real estate | Gennady Kernes told how to get the land for housing Kharkov municipality is ready to give land for housing - let him turn the trade unions and business leaders.

This was stated by Acting Kharkiv mayor, mayoral candidate Gennady Kernes at a meeting with members of the complex Dikanevskih treatment facilities.

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"We also have a program for affordable housing, youth building - we are now being developed, but we can not help themselves, we hope for a state program, state support. And of course, at an affordable lending ", - said the mayor.

"But given, for example, that someone wants to get the land (formerly gave shelter to the plants) - the application of your leadership, the trade union committee will be considered without delay. If people have a desire to build a home for their children - no questions. Believe me, I am ready in this part to show you that we have many such examples, when treated labor groups - 1 person, 5 persons, 10 persons, a petition management - and we do matters ", - said Kernes.

As previously reported, the topic of affordable housing and requests for land were among some of the most popular at many meetings, which conducted the acting mayor. On this occasion, treated and employees of factories and utility companies, and universities of the city.
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