General layout of the village as part of the quality of life

09.02.2011 17:55
Articles about real estate | General layout of the village as part of the quality of life Development companies typically do not pay enough attention to the issue of development of the Master Plan. Very often this work on the structuring of living space in the cottage turns into a senseless and ruthless "cutting plots rectangles. In the Leningrad region can observe many examples of how sloppily made general plan of the village turned a nice piece of land near the lake in the garden, in the worst sense of the word. In this case, the quality of the master plan can literally create anything beautiful landscape, increase the capitalization of the village, to increase, eventually, its attractiveness for life.

The monotony of building and planning linear model General Plan has the effect of "gardening": stretching into the distance range of monotonous buildings. Currently, a similar effect is observed in most of cottage villages of Leningrad Region, regardless of their degree of elitism. The ultimate dream - the central axis and off to the side "appendixes" different levels of complexity. Especially wild look long vistas, prospects, say, in a thick pine forest. In this village there is no place to walk (linear perspective of identical houses are simply ugly) to direct "avenues" chase cars, often there is still blowing. As a result, the village is usually obtained not only ugly but also inconvenient for living and recreation.

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To create a comfortable and beautiful space in the development of the General Plan of the village should abandon the flat, straight streets and the linear arrangement of buildings. To ensure the necessary diversity of landscape, the village master plan should be implemented in the logic of the landscape. It lies in the emphasis on relief and terrain, providing visual appeal of the streets and prospects, the use of curves routes, designed for hiking.

Plan settlement "Copper Lake" company Honka - sample landscaping solutions.

1. Playground
2. Security room
3. Administration building
4. Shop with a universal set of goods, pharmacy
5. Tennis court
6. Canopy for pleasure boats
7. Boat station
8. Universal Playground
9. Cafe
10. Summer Pavilion - dressing

To maximize the recreational potential of the site and make it more attractive to customers, developers should abandon the traditional, parallel-perpendicular to the "scheme of the Master Plan. Instead, especially if the site characteristics permit, the proposed use of irregular, landscape scheme, possibly inscribed in poderevny plan.

To avoid the "effect of gardening, houses should be located not" in the ticker, and scattered sites and deployed at different angles, thereby creating a visual effect of diversity. The simplest thing lying on the surface, but it is completely ignored by developers, solution - to place houses on plots in a checkerboard pattern. To increase privacy without building fences capital, between the cottages, you can leave little natural forest or planted bushes.

Material presented below illustrates the possible principles of planning decisions that are different from the familiar to us "grids of streets." Material developed by a team of designers Urban Design Land Lab, USA.
Typical developer solution

If the developer follows the usual practice, and seeks to preserve the "spirit of country living" and "open space", the area is usually completely divided into sections. This solution is characterized by large lots and expensive, large houses. Zone near the water is not available and undeveloped villagers. In the Russian context, such territories are usually trapped residents of neighboring houses. These wetlands also undeveloped and / or refers to a "throwaway land", or drained and sold for development.
A small village

The basic principle of organization of space - around the "natural logic" proleganiya roads in the usual settlement. In the center - the green zone. Cluster zoned construction allows you to save forests, swamps and lakes, making them accessible to all residents of the village. Large sites are located on the outskirts of the territory, creating the opportunity for different levels and quality of life, as well as natural social stratification within the village.
Cottage village

This scheme is based on the principle of building "community" - small dense built-up areas. The cottages are located around the green areas, the size of houses and plots - relatively small. Wetlands and landscaped lake, they laid the track. Considerable part of the left as green areas. Territory on the outskirts are divided into large areas with large houses.
Village Center

In this embodiment, in the heart of the village creates a "central area" with a set of administrative, public and commercial buildings. Such a settlement nucleus stimulates the development of trade, business, public spaces. Such a settlement may eventually become a regional center.
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