Gangs of "black realtors" flourishing, while the number of victims grows

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Problem apartment robbery, when citizens have selected an apartment, unfortunately, is not new. In the dashing 90-s it was all business as usual. Later the situation improved somewhat. However, the lull in the criminal real estate market was imaginary, but the terms "black realtors" began to expand.

Agent - black or not? For example one of the latest developments in this market. Investigation Division of Krasnogvardeisky district completed a criminal investigation on charges of criminal group that rented apartments in fraud. The group was part of a police officer. According to the press-service of SU UPC in St. Petersburg, before the court together and organized crime will appear, deputy chief of 87 police department ATC Vsevolozhsk district of Leningrad oblast Sergei White. The investigation established that from 2008 to 2009 victims of criminals became a person from among the socially disadvantaged citizens. Sergei White, who was at that time, precinct 1975 Police Department Internal Affairs Directorate in the Nevsky district, even as accomplices and provided lists of such lyudey.Zatem victims were taken to a safe place, where he was kept against their will. On account of this criminal group, six episodes of apartment fraud, four episodes of illegal confinement of citizens, one - kidnapping.

Comment on this situation is difficult precisely because of the participation of a police officer. That is the man who was supposed by all the laws to protect us all doing the exact opposite. And, using his official position, actually served as a gunner with the bandits. Such cases, unfortunately, not unique. In the Moscow region the group of swindlers "worked" under the guise of bailiffs in Moscow sentenced for fraud apartment assistant head of village administration. Do not remain aloof from residential-criminal boom and doctors - in Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Ulyanovsk - are the processes associated with the assignment of psychiatrists apartments of their patients. For many flats cases as witnesses or accomplices are professionals in the field of housing services, social workers. A summary of incidents at times like a front-line reports. May 2010, Moscow - arrested a gang of black realtors "who, under threat of physical violence were forced to abandon the people from their apartments. After they signed the documents, they were taken in the regions of Russia. Today we know nothing of the six victims. And it is only those who were unable to find alive. On their account can be dozens missing Muscovites. Yaroslavl. Six criminal cases - one accused - Tatiana Monakhov, "Satan in human guise, as it was called the victims. The victims - pensioners, young families and orphans. Until now, she manages to escape responsibility because in each case it were covered next pregnancy. She has five children. Buryatia, in December 2009 condemned "black realtors" who killed people because of the apartments. On their conscience lives of six people. St. Petersburg. 2007. Banda Pleskova. Nine murders, one preparing to murder, kidnapping, 6, 19 episodes of fraud. Enough? But the worst thing in these matters - it is the opinion of the investigators - a bunch of volunteers - petty officials, police officers are not looking put the required signature or prompted "true" flat. Continue to list the atrocities "gangs of black realtors" can be infinite. But in this list will only be disclosed by the case, but the majority remains unknown. All disclosure of the case, investigators believe, it is a drop in the ocean. So in the same case with the gang Pleskova, presumed to investigators, the group away from the citizens and resold nearly one hundred apartments.

So the whole problem we outlined. The country continues to operate the gang "black realtors". And only few cases are known to law enforcement authorities. Often they reveal due to random circumstances or complaints by relatives of the missing owners of apartments. That is the real statistics of such crimes is unknown and the extent of criminal activity may exceed the official figures on the orders. And over the years, virtually nothing has changed. I remember one of the first high-profile cases of this kind in our city. Then the gang members' ward of the forest, "as they called themselves, had the audacity to claim that they are, they say, help the city get rid of anti-social elements - drunks, drug addicts, mentally ill people. And today, nothing has changed. According to the deputy head of the law firm JurInform Center Alexander Petrenko "at risk" as a whole remained the same. The truth is the last time it came in and just a lonely old people. The state's position in relation to these people also remained the same - the state simply does not want to not see them or their problems. If they can somehow protect themselves from the risks they face? According to Alexander Petrenko, people at risk and virtually doomed any chance for self-protection they have. The only option the relative safety they can provide family members, if any. "Let's relatives, even re-conclude the apartment itself, but at least they at least keep this miserable life, - Alexander Petrenko, and - well, or, in extreme cases, even take away their passport, and visit often. Other options for protecting virtually no ".

As suggested by General Director of Real Estate "Dinas", vice-president of the Guild of Realtors, Yuri Sergeyev, the people at risk, pathologically suspicious, but only in relation to normal people. But "his" in the same alcoholics and drug addicts they trust. And this same sign a verdict because no reasonable advice, they just will not listen. Therefore, no they can not protect, and defend themselves without their desires is impossible.

Somewhat different assessment of the situation, counsel, director of the company's lawyer, real estate, chairman of the Committee on Legal Affairs of Realtors Association of St. Petersburg, Sergei Slobodyanyuk. "My opinion, everyone chooses his own path. Fall into such situations is mainly those who are indifferent to their future. The most important question of such "deals" - this is a question for the victims themselves. Life Saving handiwork himself. If people are more important than the drug (vodka, etc.) than their lives, the state can not keep track of each and save.
Otherwise deal with the elderly. You can advise them before they do something, and sign, it is necessary to consult a lawyer. Unfortunately most people come when it is hard to change something. I read the verdict, in which criminals in cahoots with the notary took possession of about 30 apartments. Gave the elderly household appliances, for allegedly receiving equipment were asked to sign. In fact, the victims were painted in the purchase agreement and the registry of the notary. Some of them, I think so far do not know that they are not owners of the apartments. People caught in such situations generally are not legally competent and far from understanding the process of registration of real estate transactions. Seek legal advice only after everything has already happened. Deal challenge is very difficult, mostly just through criminal proceedings. In civil proceedings an apartment in such situations are rarely returned. (The reason is simple - ignorance of law, as well as lack of money for the services of competent lawyers.) Very often, these flats are resold several times and return them impossible. "

"Well," rescue the drowning was the work of drowning. " Controversial claim. But on the one hand, it is true. After all, if people do not really want to be rescued, no one could help him, including the state. But on the other side - in any developed country in the world of such indifference to its citizens, I have not come across as, indeed, like "apartment business." In varying degrees, the state still protects her, even if it is not too branches and normal citizens. And can our government take some steps in this direction? According to Yuri Sergeyev, the laws we have for it. The whole point of their strict observance and the inevitability of punishment if the law still violated. The same policeman Sergei White, who was a gunner with the gang of "black realtors" the law was to protect the victims. Social workers have been helped. And we have obtained so far are not always the case. According to Sergeyev, such misconduct "should be punished harsher the punishment should be inevitable and absolutely not" conditional ". A domestic surveillance by the police must be really tough. " According to Alexander Petrenko, "a situation with people at risk can be significantly changed if such people were registered, and the transaction would be conducted only with the permission of the guardianship. Or we can introduce compulsory insurance transactions, while the criminals are simply not able to hold them. " Sergei Slobodyanyuk believes that the best defense in such cases - this appeal to the certified real estate companies. According to the president of the St. Petersburg Chamber of Real Estate (SZPN) Dmitry Schegelskogo situation could fix the law of agency activities - in this case, the crime would simply not have access to the real estate market.

As you can see, our experts are quite diverse assessments. But, nevertheless, out of it is still there. True, in order to use them again, we need political will and desire of the authorities to put in this order and protect its own citizens. Alas, while this will, we can not see. And suffer not only the former owners of the apartments, but the normal home buyers who are criminals and then resell these apartments. Can even bona fide purchaser, as the law calls them, defense in such situations? We'll discuss this in the next article on "black realtors".
Sergei Utkin
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