Fuss on the housing disappeared

01.02.2011 09:47
Articles about real estate | Fuss on the housing disappeared Real estate prices in Ukraine will not return to pre-crisis level. They say market participants.

To facilitate this will decrease corruption component, which significantly affects the price of housing. Last but not least thanks to the new law "On regulation of urban development, which greatly simplifies the process of construction and the number of permits. In addition, the market has disappeared excitement at home.

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On the background of low rates of construction in the country - it increases the cost of real estate. In turn, banks will more cautious to lend for mortgages. In addition, falling house prices reduce the number of people willing to buy houses for resale.

"I do not think that, for example, there will be $ 3000 per square meter, as it was before the crisis, because that figure was artificially inflated. Growth is possible at 15-20%. But given that prices have fallen by 50% as a minimum this would indicate that Ukraine is becoming a civilized country and it again will develop according to the cyclic laws, "- said to UBR Alexander Bondarenko, vice president of the Association of Realtors.


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