From what and how they will build a modern house?

20.02.2011 20:04
Articles about real estate | From what and how they will build a modern house? It just so happens that the definition of "domestic", "Russian" from consumers trust does not cause and is associated with low quality. What's to blame: poor knowledge of range or lack of competent PR producers - is unknown. But this year the construction market promises a real breakthrough: the construction sector are beginning to innovate up to nanotechnology.

Jan. 26 opened 12-th of the account show "Domestic construction material". By the way, traditionally among the exhibitors not only domestic companies to "citizenship" but for "neighborhood" - from Belarus and Ukraine. Last year, its products represented more than 200 manufacturers, this time more than 250. Goskorporatsiya Rusnano first became a general partner of the exhibition.

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It is very likely that the Building Complex literally pulls all the resources to give a better result. As explained by deputy head of the Department of Urban Development of Moscow Vladimir Strelbitskiy, indeed, to the World Cup to be held in 2018, it is necessary to build 17 sports facilities in 13 cities of Russia, and construction must conform to international standards. "All participants produce materials that will be needed for the construction of sports facilities," - explained Strelbitskiy.

For example, in the Urals have developed special additives that will produce concrete grade 500, 1000 and above. In 2013 it is planned to establish production in Russia.

In bridge construction and rehabilitation of dilapidated bridges will be used nanomaterial of "Composite" - it is a kind of special "tape." "A lot of work to develop our own, Russian standards and obtaining patents for inventions", - said vice-president of the Association of Builders of Russia Mikhail Kaikov.

Import goes

But, of course, not a single championship alive Building Complex. A lot of attention, according to officials, is paid to modernization of production, aiming at the construction of residential houses (mainly economy-). Thus, PIK "Improved line factories DSC-2 and DSK-3, which now produce 2 modernized series panel construction.

In the houses of the new series, in particular, are ready to abandon the usual ramps, projecting lift shaft so that the lift can go down to zero. Also in the houses improved series is applied up to 30 items finishing materials, concrete mixes of high quality, new roofing materials.

But most importantly, what should come domestic house building - is, of course, energy. And its level, according to the chairman Mosgosstroynadzora Anatoly Zaiko, yet sufficient: "Production of DSK-1 is being tested in a special freezer, not all elements show the desired rate of energy efficiency. Need to modify. " Despite this, the official stressed that the imported materials are gradually being replaced (but not displaced) in the domestic market: 97% of materials used in construction in Moscow, including decoration, manufactured by Russian enterprises.

And that, according to the director of industry and construction PIK "Konstantin Kuznetsov, means that the material is produced in Russia, but for all advanced technologies, regardless of where production is located:" Regional "specificity" of quality is definitely not , because the products must meet the requirements. "

Soft rock and nanokirpich

See this could be "inspected" the exhibition, where regional manufacturers of building materials were presented in a large assortment. The truth prevailed brick factories and ceramic production (even among the visitors heard remark: "A full brick!"). But all the products you can hold in your hands and get acquainted with the characteristics, compare the prices (by the way, unlike in the spring of 2009, when the manager was difficult to elicit Prices - almost all prices were "contract").

Undoubtedly, the most interesting were the booths representing new and unusual materials and products. For example, a "flexible stone" (Podolsk), "EkoBloki (cellular concrete from Yaroslavl)," liquid rubber "(Moscow). For interior solutions - Invisible hatches ", which masquerade as any ceramic tile.

There are programs to help launch its mini-production of finishing materials (eg, a training program for professionals "systray"). Incidentally, as reported by Elena Nikolaeva, president NAMIX, in the Russian government set up a working group that practiced the development of small enterprises specializing in developing innovative materials for construction (in particular, maloetazhki), and under these programs can get loans (Gazprombank, EBV) at 9 % per annum. "The support can count and regional enterprises, too," - said Elena Nikolaeva. On these issues can be accessed directly at NAMIX - National Agency for low-rise and cottage construction.
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