From two to fifty percent of the take off in a cottage village

05.01.2011 11:33
Articles about real estate | From two to fifty percent of the take off in a cottage village Another month and a half ago, experts on country market publicly stated that any price relief measures this winter in a cottage village is not expected. However, contrary to their claims developers discount mechanism launched in full force. The most generous are ready for a little while to lose up to 50% praysovoy prices, and most patient - to extend discount season until April.

Generosity half

In the past year the market-town feeling pretty good until the onset of winter, the traditional for this segment of the real estate "low season". "The rising cost of suburban sites ranged from 10 to 35% in all classes - says CEO of Country Project Andrei Vasilyev .- The highest growth was typical for properties that are intended for permanent residence and located in close proximity to Moscow, that is at a distance of no more than 20 km from Moscow. "

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It would seem no reason to begin a seasonal decline in prices does not exist. However, even with the arrival of November developers began stimulate the customers with various discounts. It is curious that the most courageous steps in this direction have made those companies that offer products without having to contract for construction. In this case, they all strongly resisted early winter sales.

Loudest offer this winter season is done in village "Natkino (105 km from Moscow to Simferopol highway, the developer Uniparx Service), which sold plots without a contract. It is located 3 km from Oka, near the holiday complex "remote corner". The village territory is divided into sections of an average area of 8 hectare. Until recently they were sold for 124.5 thousand rubles. for a hundred. But now there is a chance to purchase a plot of half the price. True, the discount will take only a few: the "Natkino" is now offered for sale only 8 sites.

In the village of Millennium Park on Novorizhskoye highway until the end of Christmas holidays finished houses and lands with contract can be purchased at 20% cheaper
Second largest winter discounts retain some settlements, among them Marina Pavlova (developer of "Volga problem"). True, the path to it is not close: as much as 170 km from Moscow, which can be overcome by Yaroslavsky either Dmitrov highway. But a long way justifies the concept of the project: the territory of the village in the area from 15 to 22 hectare divided in such a way that almost every house work alongside the coastline. Now here is invited to a 30% discount, subject to a price of 43 thousand rubles. for a hundred.

At a discount within the same 30% of praysovoy prices and buyers can expect the site in the village, "Meadow," which elevates the already mentioned company Uniparx Service at 100 km from Moscow to Dmitrov highway. However, to get it, you need to visit the office of the New Year sales in the village Zaoksky, which will hand over a coupon for a discount. But to use it will be until next year, until March 31.

And finally, the third-largest discount takes a number of villages without a contract, where the price willing to reduce by 20%. Such proposals are before the end of December, for example, in the village "Pryvillia" (110 km from Moscow to Simferopol highway, without a discount price - 60 thousand rubles. Per hundred square meters). The village is situated on the banks of the Oka, and parts of it are sold with all central communications. The same discount will provide in the nearby village "Limberova Mountain."

Bargain modesty

In the village of Millennium Park on Novorizhskoye highway until the end of Christmas holidays finished houses and lands with contract can be purchased at 20% cheaper
The closer to Moscow is the village without a contract, the lower the discount to which the developers are ready to go. Such, for example, the settlement "Blueberry Field" (20 km from Moscow to Kiev highway, the developer of "Summer Project"). During the year, during the active construction prices in the village was repeatedly raised by 10-50 thousand rubles. for a hundred (for the last time this happened in early October). We can therefore say that the current discount of 10% only a small step back. Besides discount willing to make only those who have time before the new year not only reserve a plot, but also pay for your purchase. The same action is valid and in another project the same developer - the village of "Southern hill-2" (8 km from Moscow Kashirskoye Highway).

However, most developers are villages without a contract does not become generous, even for a 10-percent discount, reducing prices by only 2-7%. So, in the cottage of the Romanov problem "(Simferopol highway, 90 km from Moscow) to 15 January 2011 on land a discount of 7%. In the cottage, "Chekhov's Cottage, located 45 kilometers from Moscow to Simferopol highway, until December 31, you can buy land without a contract for 5% cheaper than before. In the cottage, "the New Meadow (17 km from Moscow to Dmitrov highway) now operates a special pre-Christmas offer - any site can be purchased for 360 thousand rubles. for a hundred. As a result, the cheapest station in town now will cost 3.6 million rubles., Whereas prior to discount its price was 3.8 million rubles.

However, even relatively minor winter decline in prices in these towns can be extremely beneficial to customers. After the beginning of a new "high season" (to March 2011), the developers of these projects are planning to raise prices by 15-20%. And will raise the level of the current price list, which discounts and special offers are not counted.

Daylight Time

In "Zvenigora" at a special price offered two cottages - at 9.9 million rubles. instead of 11 million
In winter by reducing the cost of land may reduce prices in those towns, where they sell parts to contract for construction. So, at the conclusion of the contract agreement a discount of up to 10% on sites in settlements on Novorizhskoe highway: "Istra estate" (47 km from Moscow), "Russian village" (23 km from Moscow) and "Lesavino" (39 km from Moscow) . "The cost of a cottage with a plot in the village" Istra estate "starts from 7,2 million rubles., Whereas in summer the price of such a proposal was 7.4 million rubles., - Says Natalya Kartavtseva, Director of the suburban real estate company Vesco Group, which performs Development of these towns .- In the settlement, "Russian village" cottage with a plot can be purchased at a price of 7.7 million rubles., while the initial cost of the proposal was about 8 million rubles. The cottage "Lesavino" value of the house with a plot starts from the 6.4 million rubles. against 6.6 million last summer. These discounts were introduced by the company to increase customer loyalty. The discount depends on the size of the cottage: the larger the house, the greater the discount. "

In most villages, where you can buy ready-made or home, or sites with construction contract, no discounts apply to individual components of the purchase, but on the whole product as a whole. So, in the village Honka N 1 (35 km Pyatnitskiy highway, the developer - the company Honka) announced a discount on the package "section plus contract for construction" of 5% (excluding discounts lowest cost proposal is 40 million rubles.). True, the last period of the sale will not last long and will be completed as early as the Catholic Christmas.

A variety of discounts are in the townships of Inkom-real estate "and its elite unit of Villagio Estate. Thus, in Millennium Park (32 km Novorizhskoe highway) during New Year holidays finished houses and lands with contract can be purchased at 20% discount (the discount minimum cost of 40 million rubles.). In neighboring Monteville and Madison Park on individual homeownership rates declined by 5% (as a result of minimum prices reach 30 and 34 million rubles., Respectively). In "Little Scotland" until January 31, 2011 the size of discounts of 15%, while in the village of "Virgin" by 15 January will have the opportunity to buy a townhouse at a price of 45 thousand rubles. per square. m, that is 20% cheaper than before.

Sly discounts

In the village of «Lipki Park discount from 5 to 30% applies to the house of the first construction
Decline in prices during the winter may be due not only to seasonal discounts, and special actions. This action, for example, now operates in the second phase of construction of the village "Aksakovo-Forest" (20 km from Moscow to Dmitrov highway). "Initially the open sale of the second phase was planned only in the spring of 2011, - says managing partner at MIEL-Residential Real Estate" Vladimir Yakhontov .- But now, as New Year's stock market had been exposed to some second line of homes at an attractive price of 12, 5-13,5 million rubles. (for comparison: the first phase of houses now sell for 23-35 million rubles).. The houses have been fully built, all communications are connected, however, houses the second stage, unlike the first, are sold without finishing " .

Often, developers are offering discount, which applies only to a limited number of objects. Thus, at a good discount now can expect to buyers of homes in the village "Lipki Park, located 33 km from Moscow between the ruble and Assumption Novorizhskoe highway. Discount applies to ownership of the first stage of construction (currently in the village begin to build a second) and to different objects ranging from 5 to 30%. The action began with the arrival of December, it will take the first five buyers.

Limited number of proposals and winter in the village, "Baden Hills (12 km from Moscow in the Kaluga road, the developer of 1911 Invest). According to campaign there are two household - located at sites in the 12 hectare cottages, which apart from the main square (300 square meters. M) has a large basement (100 square meters. M). Given the 30-percent discount now they set the price of $ 800 thousand for comparison: the same houses, but no basement in the Baden Hills sold for $ 850 thousand

A similar situation in the village "Zvenigora" (49 km from Moscow Novorizhskoe highway, the developer Rodex Group). There is also invited to share only two identical cottages, built of brick and wood. Their price now stands at 9.9 million rubles., While in summer the same house sold for 11 million rubles.

Thus, the "low season" really allows you to save money on buying a suburban property. Discount offers a lot, and some are quite significant. However, in most cases they will benefit only those who pay the suburban estate purchase immediately and completely. Those who are planning to buy property in installments, this winter will have to negotiate discounts on an individual basis. And it is possible that a sip of champagne New Year's talks will go far more successful than in summer. After all, regardless of assurances of developers in the "low season" customers in a cottage village is not too much. And once on this tend to play sellers, then why the same card does not play, and buyers?
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