From the introduction of land market would benefit Ukraine

10.06.2011 09:23
Articles about real estate | From the introduction of land market would benefit Ukraine Lack of government regulation on the land market has led to the fact that agricultural land not being used optimally. In the meantime, large farmers are in need of renting large land areas for long periods. Only then they will invest in measures to improve the soil and its irrigation and increase crop yields, said the chairman of the Crimean Reskomzema Chabanov Alexander, speaking in a radio debate.

According to the press service of the Reskomzema ARC, in a radio debate on acceptance of the law "On Land Market" was attended by the head of the land committee, Alexander shepherds and Head of Legal Department of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food Crimea Sergey Braud. With the adoption of the law "On Land Market" and lift the moratorium on the sale of farmland krupnotovarnyh process of creating a market-oriented economies will be unlocked, and Ukraine will be able to improve their competitiveness on world markets - said the head Reskomzema.

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Meanwhile, participants in the debate noted that opponents of lifting the moratorium expressed concern about a possible buyout of peasant shares of financial groups at a lower price, and land speculation.

Sergei Braud recalled that the first right to purchase land in the property, according to the bill would have the state land agency, the tenant and the owner of adjacent land. Price of the lot may not be less expert monetary assessment and speculative processes would be deterred by a ban on excessive concentration of land in one hand and the introduction of state tax rates. Since the resale of land in the first year after its purchase, the fee will be 100% of the regulatory evaluation.
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