From the beginning, the proportion of mortgage deals with new buildings has increased by 9 times

14.10.2010 17:25
Articles about real estate | From the beginning, the proportion of mortgage deals with new buildings has increased by 9 times More than a third of buyers of the primary housing market today involve a mortgage, experts estimate the company "MIEL-new building."

According to them, over the past three quarters of 2010, the share of mortgage transactions in total transactions in new buildings has increased by 9 times.

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According to analysts, the main trend of the mortgage market over the past months was the growth in mortgage lending.

Thus, the total amount of transactions the company "MIEL-new buildings, the share of mortgage transactions in the third quarter increased to 43% - 5% at the beginning of the year, and the total amount received over three quarters of 2010 mortgage applications in the 1.5 times higher than similar Indicators 2009.

Experts believe that the activation of mortgages contributed to increasing the loyalty of banks to the primary residential market, in general, and several other factors, in particular, lower mortgage rates. Since 2010 the refinancing rate was reduced 4-fold and reached a record 7.75%, similar to specialists. This will reduce the current rates on mortgages to 2-2,5% as compared to the same period in 2009

Another factor - the reduction of the initial contribution of up to 20% (for some programs - up to 10%). Played a role and the abolition of the major players in the banking sector in the form of additional security deposit of available housing, indicate the company's employees Miel-New ". In addition, it is now almost all banks the opportunity to confirm the borrower's income in the form of the bank.

According to the company, the share of buyers of apartments in new buildings in the Moscow region, attracting a mortgage loan is 36%. About 43% of customers get accommodation at their own expense, 21% prefer to use the installment plan. In this case, the volume of sales leads Moscow region - the share of transactions involving the acquisition of apartments in new buildings around Moscow is 61% in Moscow - 39%.

"Obtaining accreditation of the object in the bank and giving consumers the opportunity to buy an apartment in the mortgage, increasing sales by 1,5-2 times. New buildings with the possibility of buying an apartment on the mortgage show the highest rates of sales ", - says the general director of Miel-New" Maria Litinetskaya.

Among the partner banks of the leaders on the issue of mortgage called Sberbank, Gazprombank, Bank "Revival" - the combined share of transactions involving mortgages of these banks is 75% of the total share of mortgage-company transactions. The most active accreditation of new buildings and carry out the Bank of Moscow, VTB 24, Mezhtopenergobank.
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