From practice. Real Estate Transactions on the pitfalls.

08.12.2009 12:28
Once we have searched for an alternative room to our client, instead of selling the apartment (it was a sale of an apartment with the simultaneous purchase of another home). All client had no time to watch, then he could not in any way to choose ... later time "left." This means that the search for, watch and prepare the room for a deal later: Do not have time to get a deal! Reached the point that if we did not come out the day after the deal, all the deal fell, the advance will have to return, and our clients remain in their apartment with no chance to disperse and stop, finally, to contemplate each other every day because sales of apartments disrupted. Yes look already and have nothing, because all that was good and appropriate, have already "gone" and the rest of us were either "too tough" on price, or absolutely do not fit. It seems that our clients understand that they a little heated, then rejecting from the rooms, then on display, and not a little alarmed.

And now it seems fortunate. There is room! We looked at it - is coming! For the price - we pass! Help all - collected! The representative of the seller assured us that they are willing to go to the deal even today!

Well, today, not today, but here the day after tomorrow - what we need. During this time check documents in a room and ... forward, sdelochku! Finally!

Begin to check all the documents of the room. Despite the urgency of the problem over time, agent and manager are walking to check on all instances. Not too lazy to even go to a notary to make sure that it was he (or rather, she) has put the signature on the authorization to sell.

And now it turns out a very interesting detail. Signature, was not a notary and an assistant, well, it's acceptable. But the interesting thing is that the seller had died first, and then ... issued a warrant! Our guys are shocked out of a notary. Boy and girl, private real estate brokers representing the interests of the seller's room, tell them:

- Guys, just so happened ... Well, he is so going to sell. And here is a disaster. And the money to relatives is needed urgently. That's decided on a power of attorney ... Just have an assistant notary "enter into the situation" (notary public on that day was not at work, sick).

My staff told me it all, silently looking at me. I shake my head:

- No. It is better to break a deal than to buy that.

- No. It is better to find another room, or do not find at all - about the same time says department manager.

Fate rewarded us. On the same day there was a room that we met, and that there were no trails questionable. We have reached a deal in time - plus the purchase of apartments for sale House for our customers.

We were pleased with the deal ever!

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