From heaven to earth: the issue of communications

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Articles about real estate | From heaven to earth: the issue of communications Communication - often one of the main problems of suburban real estate buyers, not only at the time of selection and construction of the town, but after settling. Water, electricity and gas prices no one will take the house for free, and operation of sewerage, roads and public areas are also worth the money. And unfortunately, sometimes quite small.

Therefore, portal decided to find out how much it costs the content of communications in the towns of Kiev, and how rates are formed on the maintenance and operation of utilities and roads.

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The thing the owner

Neither the owner of the dwelling does not want to pay for utilities and services and maintenance of his estate. But what it means - to overpay? First is to understand how the numbers are formed in the receipt for payment of services. The monthly expenditure of the owners of cottages divided into two parts: the first - running costs: the use of engineering systems, cleaning and maintenance of territory, security, etc., and the second - utilities. The size of public utilities is determined by legislative acts.

Operating expenses also are not regulated by law, so the situation is this: how many on the market of cottage townships, so many choices of tariffs, determining a fee for use of communications, as well as services such as clearing roads, garbage collection, etc. A lot depends on who owns the water supply, electricity, sewage, etc.

First, communication can be owned by the developer. So usually the case if they were built at his expense. "In this case, the network service developer can either hire a specialized asset management company (CC), or use the appropriate structure in your state - says Natalia Bashi, director of the Office of Marketing and Development Group of Companies" Maetok. " - The developer reserves of communication in the property, if the plans to receive the income from the lease of utilities villagers. This strategy reduces the cost of houses themselves, based on the following dividends from service communications. " And experts say the market, in which case the rates most often overstated.

Secondly, the developer can sell all the engineering systems and road management company, which is the principle of calculating the payment for their content is usually not affected, especially as the Criminal Code in such a situation - it is usually an affiliate of the developer.

Third, the communication can be transferred to the ownership of the mountain (which is stipulated in the investment contract initially). This usually happens when a gated development situated in the city or village. In this case, using the rules applicable in the relevant organizations operating networks in the area. As a rule, the norm is quite humane, especially compared with the rates of some management companies.

And fourthly, the owners of communications are often residents of the village itself - if all were built at their expense. Often, even during the implementation of the houses or holiday organized by a cooperative nonprofit Partnership (DNP), which enters into contracts with contractors, the leads of communication, pay for their services (collecting money from all the members of NAM) and, accordingly, becomes the owner of utilities, roads, etc . But as communication can be transferred from the builder DNP after completion. In this scenario, communication is also becoming obschedolevoy property: "Generally speaking, if 160 houses in the village, each customer - the owner of 1/160 of all communications," - says Victor Kovalenko, the director of "RealEkspo." And the management company hired in such a situation already own dwellers.

In some cases, communications may be several property owners: for example, the roads belong to the same person, and power - to another. But it is rare in practice, this situation is not viable.

According to Larisa Gavrish, director of FC "Global Capital", about half the central communications belong to the tenants, 25% of them owned by the developer, and another 25% - the management company or the state.

Other factors

If communications are in town or village property, the fee is determined by the content standards. And when the management company owned utilities, the "amount of payment is calculated as the sum of the actual cost of their maintenance plus profit management company, divided by the number of households", - said Taras Shelemekh, director of the Criminal Code "Rustler".

Actual costs for the maintenance of utilities and roads - the value, determined by technical conditions of operation: "It all depends on the composition and volume of communications, the availability of proper treatment facilities, diversion unit, etc." - explains Taras Shelemekh. Importance are the technical characteristics of communications that will determine the cost of consumable materials and labor for their content. Has a value and condition of communications. If the old network, then they have to repair, and maintenance work should be done more often. It should be borne in mind that communication can be central, ie, extension of networks in the nearby village, or stand-alone (intra), for example, if the water comes from wells in the village). If the central engineering services, the costs for their maintenance also depend on the policy of settlements with a village council, and at times determined by the regulations.

Taras Shelemekh, notes, and such factors as the number of staff of the Criminal Code and the quality of service: electrician and plumber are on duty around the clock to clear - not only the main roads, but secondary, etc. Usually, quality is improved with the class of the town, but you have to take into account the location of "The farther away from the town of settlement, the more difficult to find a CC and specialists, they tend to cause of urban services, so that projects are more remote from populated areas of communications services more expensive "- says Victor Kovalenko.

Payments affected by the management company and the profit margin. Someone requests a modest and consistent with market average, and someone does not, and then for the use of communications and have to pay 700-900 dollars a month, sometimes more.

Generally, the smaller houses, the more costly the contents of communications per house, and, conversely, the more homeowners per unit of physical infrastructure, the smaller the amount of the payment.

To all this we need only add that the payment for the content of communications for a particular household can be calculated either based on the area of ​​the house, either on the basis of the size of the plot.

Fees and fight for justice

According to Victor Kovalenko, the average operating cost of communications in the cottage of the Kiev region now stands at 1-1.5 dollars per month per 1 square meter. This amount may be less than if, say in the settlement are not all the benefits of civilization, "If the village is the only electricity, but of the infrastructure - roads and fence around the perimeter with CAT. And in the village with a full range of communications: gas, electricity, water and sewer fees may rise.

According to Victor Kovalenko, the maintenance of all communications in the project budget cost of $ 10 per hundred square meters of land per month and this amount also includes garbage disposal, security, cleaning of roads.

If the CC exhibits a considerable expense, and can not justify it, it will likely set up for huge profits. Excessive amounts of payments appear more frequently among residents of those villages, where communications are owned by the developer (and be managed by an affiliate of the Criminal Code), or management company. In this case, affect the choice and the organization that owns the communications are very difficult, but judging from the existing practice - it is almost impossible. Of course, at the request of tenants can be audited, but by themselves the results do not decide anything - to make a difference to them need to go to court. And litigation in these situations can last for very long.

But the act is still better than not to act, because in some cases, these stories end in victory for the tenants. "There are precedents for post-audit of all pre-trial order the owner of communications reduced fees for their services several times.

Everything is much easier and more enjoyable when the communication belong to the owners of houses. In this case, they choose the Criminal Code: "The amount of payment is calculated based on the specific cost estimates for a certain period of time, usually one year. Estimates presented to the annual general meeting of owners of communications, which discusses the company's range of services and fees that you may agree or disagree, "- said the lawyer Oleg Sukhov.

"And if the management company unreasonably increased payments, owners can change it, because it is only a hired service", - says Irina Mogilatova (TWEED). However, before such a radical solution is recommended to discuss with the leadership of the Criminal Code, why fees are high, and how to optimize them. Perhaps the utility company does not overstated, but simply has a lot of services on which it is possible and if you want to give up: "For example, in winter there is no need to clear the secondary roads, so you can not include street lighting throughout the village, and leave only some light work "- offers Taras Shelemekh.

Guess when you buy

Every buyer wants to reduce suburban property maintenance costs of communications at the same time without losing quality. "It is better to choose villages where all the central communications handed over to the dacha cooperative - is the surest way to retain control over the cost of services for utilities," - says Victor Kovalenko. "And to all buyers of real estate in a timely manner, it is recommended to enter into a cooperative."

However, communication in the property - a two-edged sword. First, it assumes the existence of property taxes on the property. And secondly, "there is a high probability of differences among the tenants, and while they will be looking for" consensus "- communication can be rendered unusable" - Taras Shelemekh notices, advising that select those villages, a developer who is well known in the market and has an excellent reputation. In this case, the probability of fraud and excessive fees is minimal, especially if you carefully study all documents: purchase contract and all supplements thereto, which describes the legal scheme of transfer of ownership of certain communications, as well as the format for interaction with the management company after the completion of the settlement.

If you bought a house in the village had already finished, the "buying land from the seller to figure out what already exist or are planned for the near future maintenance costs of communications. To do this, you can request to review the current estimate of the general meeting of the protocols or the owners of houses, "- tells Victor Kovalenko.

Yet we must remember that the more in the cottage and the wider communications infrastructure is developed, the greater will be the cost of maintaining them. "And in the small village of payments will be higher than in the large" - reminds Victor Kovalenko.

The content of communications and infrastructure - usually a serious article in the cost of the owners of country houses. Its size depends on many factors, both objective such as the characteristics and condition of utilities and subjective, for example, "appetite" of the management company. Often the payments for the content of communications are overstated, especially when they belong to the developer or management company, but owned by the occupants of communication may also bring more trouble. In general, everyone is free to choose, but in any case, in order to optimize their costs and not to be trapped, assessing ways to buy do not forget about maintenance payments.
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