French architect thought floating cities for climate refugees

18.09.2011 00:00
Articles about real estate | French architect thought floating cities for climate refugees In the twentieth century, the general rise in global sea level was only ten centimeters, the current forecast the same age fifty.

French architect of the Belgian Vincent Kallebo was filled with lamentations of ecologists and decided to create a Lilypad. Their offspring, he describes simple: "floating Ecopolis for climate refugees."

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Giant city-lily has 50 thousand inhabitants, those "immigrants" that will run off from global warming to the mainland. However, according to projections of the Intergovernmental Panel Climate Evolution in the disaster zone may be up to 25 million inhabitants of our planet. Therefore Kallebo tried their best, planning a possible future of much of the world's population.

Lilypad outwardly very similar to a floating sheet of water lilies (namely, the largest of them - Amazon). Hence the name of the project, and even to some extent its internal structure.

Inside the massive "ship" will be found a wide variety of electronics and a large number of "green" solutions. Thus, "double skin" structure made of high strength polyester fibers coated with a layer of titanium dioxide.

To this is added solar panels, wind power and tidal power, biomass energy Earth ochistkpa water and the like.

It is unlikely that Vincent thought out every detail. But the area (about 500 thousand square meters), no doubt, will be installed on Lilypad any installation that will bring even a little benefit of the people "Ecopolis.

Afloat construction will be stabilized by a ballast, which is actually a lagoon, located in the center of the Lilypad and filled with fresh water. It is fully immersed in the ocean, it will be collected and recycled rainwater.

According to Kallebo, it is unlikely that the giant of the amphibian would create the world en masse earlier in 2058, so that the edition offers a focus on the beginning of the next century, accounts for the round.
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