Free land market will attract investment in agriculture in Ukraine

27.04.2011 12:29
Articles about real estate | Free land market will attract investment in agriculture in Ukraine Formation of a free market for agricultural land will facilitate investments in agro-industrial complex of Ukraine. This was during the debate, "Free market of land - a threat to Ukrainian village," said Senior Project Manager Foundation for Effective Governance "Andrew Lobach, quoted by UNIAN.

In his view, the lack of agricultural land market makes it impossible to realize the enormous potential that is in agriculture. Moratorium on the sale of agricultural land is a blocker, which prevents the attraction of financing in the agricultural sector, because land can not be used as collateral to raise bank lending, he said.

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Companies that handle land on the Rights of the short-term rentals are not interested to invest in ensuring fertility of the land, convinced Alexander Lobach.

In turn, Director of the Research Institute of Agricultural Economics, Professor University of Debrecen (Hungary), Josef Popp suggested that the main tasks of the Ukrainian government - get rid of corruption and to develop clear and predictable policies that regulate the land market and agricultural exports.

Participants in the debate believe that all problems of the agricultural sector are connected with the lack of free land market, - says the former First Deputy Prime Minister, former Minister of Finance Victor Pynzenyk. - Lack of an open market as a once and allows you to buy the land for a pittance. For a simple reason - the owners have no choice. In turn, the open land market will open for its owners the opportunity to raise funds through the institution of bail. "

President of Agri-Ukraine "," ATS Ukraine, "the group" Linen of Desna "(Ukraine-France), Michel Tereshchenko said that the land market - a way to attract investors in the agricultural sector in Ukraine and to provide secure property rights to land plots According to "".

"Following the lifting of the moratorium five million Ukrainian farmers will have direct access to capital, or at least credible assurances necessary to obtain micro credit for the purchase of machinery and equipment - he said. - All this will support and strengthen the integrity and attractiveness of Ukrainian villages, as well as allow to develop agriculture in Ukraine, which even under current conditions is profitable. "

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