Free accommodation will have to wait 27 years

01.10.2010 09:36
Results of 5 years of the national project "Affordable and Comfortable Housing - to Russian citizens", and 9 years of the Housing Program are very far from expectations.

The vast majority of the targets set for 2010 will not be achieved. This conclusion is consulting experts of the Department of RBC in an analytical review of "Construction of affordable housing in Russia and abroad."

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Certainly fulfilled can be considered only one control indicator - the beginning of 2010, the level of housing provision has reached 22.3 square meters. m per person (with a planned value for 2010 - 21.7 square meters. m). The volume of housing construction in 2009 totaled 59.8 million square meters. m, which is 15% above the adjusted planned target (52 million square feet. m), but 20% below the reference indicator, recorded in the first version of the Housing Program. In 2010, the expected input 52-55 million square feet. m, but significantly lower than originally planned.

Most of the remaining indicators, apparently, are not met. According to the Federal State Statistics Service, in 2009 the ratio of housing affordability - the term for which the average family could buy a typical apartment - was 4.6 years (the target by 2009 - 3.1 years).

However, peer review, the value of KJ was in 2009, more than 6 years, so a conditional sentence of saving to buy a home was almost 2 times longer than planned.

Very difficult situation with the implementation of routines to provide free housing. For example, the average waiting time for a new apartment waiting list who are entitled to free housing under the current legislation on 1 January 2010 exceeded 27 years, which is 3,4 times greater than the term established in 2009 under the plan (8 years).

Particularly difficult situation is observed with the provision of flats WWII veterans. On June 1, 2010 in light of the more than 105 thousand veterans. Apartments have received only 19 thousand people. Most of all, "excelled" in the implementation of Presidential Decree Moscow and Leningrad Region: June 1, they have not improved their living conditions to any veteran who stood up to register after March 1, 2005
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