Fraudulent schemes in contracts

18.03.2014 00:15
Articles about real estate | Fraudulent schemes in contracts Fraud in real estate there are not rare. Quite often it is done with the help of interesting contractual schemes that deceive the buyer. Fraudulent schemes in contracts

Counsel Pelipenko Lydia says that there are many instances where developers are not an honest way receive money from shareholders than one year after putting the house in operation. And this is done through a variety of bonuses , to get rid of that is not so easy . To avoid such situations carefully study the contract that you sign . Of course, scammers are always inventive, but Lydia Pelipenko analyzed all the fraud schemes in the housing market and brought them to the three main types .

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"Gold" balcony

The easiest way to take a charge to the customer - to enter into the contract a condition in which a square meter of the glazed balcony or loggia equal to the cost per square meter of living space. In the contracts do not specify any type of glazing balconies, nor the fact that after this event it should become warm, heated room . It turns out that such a clever developer simply put the cheapest double glazing and its cost per square meter increase. And if you purchased a large loggia apartment , which together have an area of ​​five square meters , it will have to pay more.
It is therefore carefully read the conditions of the contract and do not think that such a practice - a universal phenomenon in the market. When buying an apartment with a " summer residence " in the contract must indicate the factor by which the summer room included in the total area of ​​the apartment . Terrace area and balconies are calculated at a rate of 0.3 and 0.5 , respectively, for our projects Kiev . So here is a gazebo just "summer room " and costs less.

A different way of counting

Counting scheme " times - write two - in the mind ", as practice shows, is not only used in the multiplication of a column, but when requesting money for the "extra " square meters !

It is worth noting that at the moment the most reliable way of buying an apartment in a newly built house is POs , however , and preliminary contract of purchase - sale market has legally. That is , they are used when a new apartment for sale in the house already surrendered , while these apartments have not yet moved into the property developer or investor. Sometimes the developer sells all exactly balances built into its new building . If you are on pre - sale and purchase agreement yet unbuilt housing purchase , you should be aware that it is not legitimate , that most likely, the developer does not have all the necessary documents for the building, and that it is your own risk. But in any case , read that sign !

It is worth noting that paying extra for the "extra" parameters have to deliberate and those who purchase an apartment at PO. However, the situation is somewhat different. Buy more under construction "virtual" apartment, you can not know its finite area , the contract specifies only preliminary . After putting the house , this area is adjusted MEASUREMENT BTI, and it turns out overpaid or underpaid you when buying . But here is also not excluded deceptions . For example, not always opposite walls of the room are the same length . And if you count the total area of ​​the premises to the longest , it is possible to count a decent amount for a surcharge .

utility bills

Utility bills may also be subject to fraud. And though it may sound surprising , but there are developers who manage to bring the buyer "duty" of these payments during the period when the house had not yet been delivered. And this requires "duty" also quite legally , since this was spelled out in the contract !

These are the three most common ways of cheating when buying new construction. If you do not want to become a victim of fraud , you should carefully read the paper that sign . If you do not understand certain terms , please contact an attorney for clarification . Remember that in signing this agreement , you agree to the terms, and protest it will be extremely difficult , even in court.

And, besides , buy apartments from reliable builders and real estate companies . Basically, they work through the sales contract . Contract specific and clear . The developer has provided the terms of their duties in relation to the buyers and the construction, and the provision of information .
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