Fraud in buying land

13.11.2010 11:55
Articles about real estate | Fraud in buying land The following are the most common methods of fraud with the land:

* A citizen who wants to buy the land, show a picturesque place that has good prospects in providing light, water and gas. Buyer plot like and he quickly agrees to buy. After the conclusion of the sales contract it appears that the purchased land is not in that place, which was originally shown, and a few kilometers away. This method of fraud similar way to sell an apartment on the wrong address.
* Documents on selling land properly decorated. For example, they bear the signatures of people who have no right to do so.

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* Coordinates sell plots incorrectly identified.
* Size of grounds specified in the act of state do not coincide with the actual size.
* Documents on the land may be fraudulent or illegal. For example, the fraudster can use in their scam fraudulent act on the right of land ownership. Currently, there are several types of acts that have the same legal force. Buyer who does not know how should look like state certif, fraudsters can be misleading.
* Instead of the original state act is used to duplicate. Known cases of sale of two of the same land. Once they are sold at original documents, and the second time - one year on the duplicate of the state acts parameters previously sold lots. Duplicates of the state acts fraudster received fraudulently.
* Following the purchase of land might be that it is entitled to another third party, which was not detected in the preparation and verification of documents.

If the contract has been notarized and registered, and the money paid for the land, then change something already too late. On this count scam. To avoid such a situation before entering into transactions should carefully check the documents of title, as well as to verify the address specified in the documents, purchased the site with the address on the site. In addition, the Village Council to look at the scheme purchased the site on the plan, and get confirmation that this site is owned by the seller.
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