Forest on the plot: How much will it cost?

06.11.2010 09:00
Articles about real estate | Forest on the plot: How much will it cost? It is known that buying a cottage in the village, on whose territory there are birch wood or pine forest, would cost 20-30 percent more expensive than the same size and comfort of home in an open field. But at a cost of forest house will not end: in the presence of trees in the village, including his own site, will have to pay for life.

Once upon a time - every hour
It would seem that the special expenses to support the trees located on public property, the owners of houses do not carry. Rather, these costs appear as necessary and only in rare cases are included in the monthly utility bills.

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When there comes the need podpilki withered branches, harvesting of stumps, "replanting" of new trees to replace the old, and even the destruction of bark beetles in the public areas of the village, all owners of houses are thrown off and hired to carry out work of professionals. If the staff of the management company "forest" of the village and hire workers, it is usually an extra janitor. And very rarely - a person who can serve as a professional forester.

Nevertheless, one-time costs for maintaining forest management in due course, as a rule, automatically become permanent. From this point of view agrees Anton Rusakov, CEO of management company "ZagorodServis, and in support of its position cites a number of specific examples. "Say, if the area of landscaping in the village is 5 acres, and the state is not the gardener, landscapers, the one-time consultation with specialists become regular, and is a service from 2500 to 5000 rubles. But even if the UK is not sorry for 35-40 thousand rubles. and agreed to add to the staffing gardener, then in this case, one-off costs of the forest will not disappear. Each time the opening of the spring-summer season will have to make the trees the necessary vaccinations and to buy chemicals for pest control, which results in a sum of 10 to 30 thousand rubles. Stocking of fertilizers, for the purchase of which spend an average of 20 thousand rubles. Explore the amount of cleaning that are broken, the sick, dry sticks, seat next new trees, whose value depends on the type and size starts from 500 rubles. And in preparation for the winter season will have to spend to wrap thermophilic flora, insulate its roots. "

"Check out the specialist on site, one-time consultation, assessment of the overall state of forest pathology of trees, the definition of the indicative amount and cost of the work will cost the management company from 3000 rub. - Adds Julia Gribkova, head of sales department" Manor ". - With regard specifically to the works themselves, the cost of care and pruning kronirovanie each tree in the price list - from 1000 rubles., Trimming and removal - from 1500, cleaning and grinding of stumps - from 2000 rubles.. "

The rare one-off costs can be attributed unless the purchase of equipment and garden tools: shovels, wheelbarrows, rakes, pruners, cultivators, lawn mowers and other things that also cost a pretty penny. In the villages of business-class and upper segment for horticultural and forestry works purchased automated equipment, which also costs money. For example, the price of German gasoline apparatus for processing plant chemicals and may reach 25, and 50 thousand rubles.

An integral part of the tax
And all of these costs are borne by the Criminal Code, budgetary funds which are known to consist of tax and service charges homeowners. "In some villages, - shares information Sinyaev Jury, Director of Marketing Group of companies" Conti ", - the cost of maintenance of forest areas for public use was originally laid in the monthly maintenance payments. But the total amount that goes to the forest needs, depending on tree species, their quantity and condition. "

"Usually, - agrees with his colleague Dmitry Tsvetkov, director of suburban real estate company Penny Lane Realty, - in organized townships to make monthly payments adds a certain amount to the elevation and maintenance of the forest area. For example, in the village "Lapin", where the area of "public" forest is about 40 hectares, the utility bills end up pay for its security, lighting and cleaning of leaves, twigs, needles.

So the one-time expenses are permanent, and if the forest is a place for general use, the cost of its maintenance will be an integral part of the principal payments.

Further increase forest fees when the developer takes part adjacent to the village forests in rent, which is a common feature. By the lease payments are added and the costs associated with caring for this zone, because the Criminal Code in the face of the villagers to assume responsibility for its maintenance in proper condition.

And though, as they say, forest woods strife, life in the logging camps for 30-50 percent of the guaranteed cost is more expensive than in the village, built in a bare field. If the object with a few trees may be enough for one person and an ordinary broom, the forest area will require the care of the whole staff of foresters, gardeners and janitors.

Besides, says Dmitry Tsvetkov, often in forest villages, in addition to cleanup of leaves or snow, place and other work. For example, in the same "Lapin" winter rolls in the forest trails, so homeowners could make cross-country skiing. Naturally, this service also paid from the purse villagers.

We have ours, we construct a new forest
If the owners of the houses will be on the verge of bankruptcy, decide they do not want to pay more for public forest and are willing to cut all the trees from the territory of the village, alas, they did not succeed. Elimination of birch or pine with common areas may be carried out only after consultation with the development company that owns the object or with the leadership of the Criminal Code.

The process of removal of mature trees will need to agree on a forest area, in the case of consent to obtain felling ticket. In short, no end of troubles.

Another thing, if the general meeting by a majority vote decides the scale green the village, that is, from the field to turn it into forest. In this case, money will flow homeowners no longer brook, and river. Especially if it is not about planting seedlings as thick as a pencil, and these large-sized, whose prices can range from $ 300 to $ 1000 and above. "In such cases, - says the practice Dmitry Tsvetkov - UK calls for service to a specialized company. Its officers and employees are planted all ordered trees, and then, within the warranty period, keep the seedlings have taken root. It is to this method of partial landscaping of the Criminal Code of the village saved up "Agalarov Estate. All the trees planted there a long time under the control of professionals. "

When it comes to planting of rare species, the costs could result in tens of thousands of dollars. But still there are "hunters" who are not afraid of an impressive amount, and they prefer to fly, even mature trees up to 12 meters thick trunk 1,2 m ... in nurseries in Germany. It should be noted that in this country the content tree nurseries is considered stable familial type of business, and often sells grandson of spruce, which is planted by his grandfather. Trees planted in special tubs, edible roots to the system with minimal injuries suffered transportation and has taken root in new soil.

But even if you buy the "seedlings" in suburban nurseries, will still have to spend money badly. "Planting a tree six feet - again drawn to the specific figures Anton Rusakov, - in the most economical option will cost 2 rubles. And its delivery at the place of future residence - from 6 th The cost of a 2-3-meter mountain pine - 4 th, the same size of Norway spruce or maple - from 10 thousand, oak or birch - 7 th, Chestnut - 6 th, polutorametrovy arborvitae will cost 5 thousand rubles. ". Any large-sized and mature trees prices on several orders of magnitude higher. So the 10-foot blue spruce, Siberian pine and fir have to lay out not less than 250 thousand rubles. And the 14-meter European spruce - already 170 thousand rubles.

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