Foreigners spent $ 41 billion for housing in the U.S. in 2010

16.06.2011 17:15
Articles about real estate | Foreigners spent $ 41 billion for housing in the U.S. in 2010 According to local realtors, foreign nationals are attracted not only to falling prices, but also an opportunity to conclude a bargain at still come with a serious crisis after the market.

According to a major site for real estate in the U.S., the greatest interest of foreigners causing cities like Los Angeles, New York, Cape Coral, Florida, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and Las Vegas.

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Top 10 foreigners interested in buying real estate in the U.S. most often, according to Trulia, as follows: Citizens of Canada, Britain, Australia, France, Germany, Brazil, Italy, Mexico, Russia, Netherlands, Sweden, China, Japan and India.

Our countrymen are interested mainly in real estate in Los Angeles, New York, Miami, San Francisco and Chicago.

According to a study of the National Association of Realtors USA, in 2009-2010. the share of Russians who buy housing in the U.S., had 4% of transactions involving non-residents.
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