Foreigners do not want to buy «gold» real estate in Crimea

10.03.2011 10:50
Articles about real estate | Foreigners do not want to buy «gold» real estate in Crimea To date, the most expensive real estate in Crimea, for sale, is the palace of Count Mordvinova (Yalta). Realtors voiced its cost - $ 22 million.

Site "Krym.Kommentarii" decided to find out who had to ask the price to the palace with centuries of history and what happens to real estate market of the Crimea.

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Announcement of sale of the palace Mordvinova went online nearly a year ago. It was reported that exposed only the building of the palace, without a plot. Price not mentioned. Then, this information caused a lot of noise - the local authorities have expressed concern that after the sale of the palace can change your appointment. Today representatives of the agency, which has exclusive rights to sell the object, no longer shy, express the price.

"Palace of Count Mordvinova - currently the most expensive property in the Crimea, the price will not find anything. It is worth 16 million euros ($ 22 million). During the crisis, he was removed from sale, are now beginning to show again, "- said the representative of the agency VIP100 Constantine.

Although sales of the object of such a level a year - is not life, the palace of Count Mordvinova seriously nobody is interested. According to realtors and their prospective client - "one of the collectors of the classic real estate from European countries." "To say that the palace did not ask - not tell. Grandmother once called and asked how much it costs. We said - she hung up. While there is no special interest ", - said Konstantin.

Palace Mordvinova - $ 22 million

Today the market of elite real estate experts are watching for a revival - expensive apartments SCC again became interested. True, the proposal is still far exceeds demand, and purchases done very little.

Interestingly, at a cost of apartments for VIP-class crisis barely affected. "The prices that were, are and remain. Who is in crisis prices overthrown? Those who have had credit, who formed the debt. And those who build houses for millions, yet there are millions, they are not built to last money. The owners of such properties are not particularly experienced. They reasoned: If the object does not sell today, sell tomorrow "- said the representative of the agency YaltaHome Victor.

In the pre-crisis times, luxury apartments in Yalta, the owners made out in a big way - exclusive furniture brought from Italy, chandeliers ordered bound with stones Swarovski, even installed the toilets and sinks with real gold leaf. "I was in the apartment for a million, there are a lot of marble, all made to order. Color turns on cotton, mirrored doors. In one villa, I saw the armored glass floor, under which of the smaller figures was posted Coliseum. And once they brought customers into the apartment, look: is an old sofa, ask: you can sit down? The hostess said: Sit down, I then tell you how much will need. It turns out that sofa belonged to someone from the royal family "- says Victor.

However, the interior apartments, houses and hotels - this is what VIP-clients are no longer interested. Today in the price of the proximity to the sea, panoramic view and a pine forest. Continue to ask more land - not less than 30 ares - they are taken for the construction of villas. "People have learned to count money, it is easier to take the penthouse 200-300 squares for $ 2-2,5 thousand for a square and make it such a repairing what they want rather than buy an apartment for a million. The same applies to houses and hotels: take the land, bought the project and build. And do not buy the hotel for 3 million, then to remodel it, "- says Victor.

Buyers VIP-estate in the Crimea - the rich people from Ukraine and Russia. Customers from foreign countries are effectively dead. "The most expensive house in Yalta, for 15 million for the six months once watched the Russians. In general, in my practice to buy expensive real estate clients from Russia and Ukraine, only once were the Germans, "- says Victor. "On our site there was a counter that keeps track of which countries enter the people - says Konstantin - it had to be removed, as our customer - this is only in Moscow and Kiev. Rarely - Dnepropetrovsk and Donetsk.

House-Palace in Yalta - $ 15 million

The total area of the most expensive house in Yalta - 800 sq.m. There are three bedrooms with wardrobes, lounge, library, banquet hall, movie theater, office, elevator, Turkish bath, sauna, massage room and recreation, saltwater pool, a winter garden.

Apartment in "The Sixth Element" on the Embankment of Yalta - $ 2,000,000

In the most expensive apartment in Yalta (203 sq ft) is the intercom system with memory, air conditioning, large panoramic windows, balcony doors with armored glass, window sills made of natural marble. In each bedroom - bathroom with Italian furniture.

Hotel in Simeis - $ 7,500,000

This is the most expensive hotel on the South Coast, which can be found on the Internet. However, the real buyer of real estate agency can offer more expensive items. According to realtors, the cost of hotels that are not "light" on the Internet, tens of millions of dollars.
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