Foreigners do not understand how you can build a cottage on 10 acres

02.04.2008 00:00
Articles about real estate | Foreigners do not understand how you can build a cottage on 10 acres Victor dissolute, director of developer company Build & Live Development, said that land near Kiev enough for everyone.
- Real estate experts say that sales of houses are falling. Is this true?

- The excitement around the cottage real estate is gradually subsides as the last 2 years was announced and implemented a large number of projects. Relevant proposals will remain premium.

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- How the market suburban housing near Kiev is interesting for foreign investors?

- I would not say that at the present time a significant participation of foreign players in the market is not observed.

Very often, foreign companies come to us, trying to explore this market.

However, for this they have their background - to the west is now stagnating in cottage construction - just because they are studying our realities.

The only exceptions are the Russian companies that have long since come to our market and successfully working on it.

- How the arrival of foreign investors may affect the market for suburban property near Kiev?

- Firstly, the investment will affect the scale of construction. Western investors often do not understand how you can add cottage on 10 acres. They are interested in more massive building - 50 acres. In addition, foreign companies are more stable. There are no problems with financing the project. Their objects are dealt in life.

I doubt that with the arrival of foreigners to change significantly the quality of the proposed housing is already near Kiev begin to implement projects that can compete with foreign ones.

- Are there problems with the amount of land for cottage development in Kiev region?

- 3 years ago that someone has entered the market to offer for sale of 200-300 hectares of land, there was no question. Currently, it has become the norm, because of problems with land in cottage building there.
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