Foreigners buy up rural land in Estonia at the price of a sandwich

31.01.2011 19:39
Articles about real estate | Foreigners buy up rural land in Estonia at the price of a sandwich "The great interest in homes in the Estonian countryside in recent years show the Norwegians, Germans and French," - says the head of the firm Pindi Kinnisvara Peep Sooman, according to whom the goods and began farming the land.

Since May 1, will disappear in force until now to foreigners restrictions on the sale of agricultural land and forest land. Farmers, real estate experts and politicians unanimously find that foreigners could start buying up cheap land.

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Now among those who are interested in buying real estate in Estonia, foreigners make up 20%, and their interest is growing. In addition to the Finns, who have long bought land in Estonia's interest in the rural areas began to show and people from other European countries.

The average price of forest or field station in Estonia is significantly lower than in other European countries. In Estonia it is 1000-2000 euros per hectare, which is about five times lower than in Poland. In addition, the purchasing power of the Estonians is much smaller than, for example, Finns or Swedes.

Real estate expert T?nu Toompark acknowledged that the Estonian market, of course, come the speculators who try to buy land cheaply in order to subsequently sell it more expensively.
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