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06.07.2010 09:54
<div style="text-align: justify;">The world economy is gradually recovering from the crisis, but not all markets are showing positive momentum, and before you invest your money in real estate in a given region, investors should carefully consider the economic, political and other factors.<br />While the markets of Latin America and the U.S. have strong growth potential markets of Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and Asia demonstrate absolutely mixed trends.<br />Thus, in a general sense of the country can be divided into two categories.<br />- Demonstrate the negative trends - notably Bulgaria, Iceland, Ireland, Slovakia, Spain, Ukraine, Greece, Netherlands and, for political reasons, Thailand.<br />- Growth markets - Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Australia, Israel, Norway, Finland, Sweden and the UK.<br />Analysts allocate a global trend to increase, due to low interest rates and increased government spending. However, investors should not rely on the restoration of the pre-crisis situation, as the global economic correction will continue to influence the world real estate markets in the long term. Leading developing countries are gaining weight on the world stage, and developed countries "losing ground".<br />Over the past 15 years, the loss of economic potential of the developed world was disguised as a boom in residential real estate, but now, after the crisis, the problems of the world's largest economies became apparent. Such significant changes will inevitably affect the future of real estate markets.<br />Here are some trends that distinguish analysts portal Global Property Guide in its latest study.<br /><strong>Latin America</strong><br />- The long-term interest rates in the region will remain at low levels.<br />- The economy of the region will continue to evolve rapidly.<br />- Revenues of the tourism industry will grow.<br />- The construction boom that began three years ago, continues.<br />- Yield is one of the major indicators of the real estate market will remain high.<br />- Exchange rates of Latin American currencies will rise.<br /><strong>The most promising markets: Peru, Panama, Brazil and Chile.</strong><br /><strong>USA</strong><br />- The economy is gradually recovering.<br />- Dollar strengthens its position.<br />- In some states, indicators of residential real estate market has attracted investors.<br /><strong>The most promising markets: the states that experienced a sharp drop in first Florida - but only in the long term.</strong><br /><strong>Europe</strong><br />- Correction of real estate market indicators, after fifteen years of growth still continues. Yield European residential real estate will remain low.<br />- The negative sentiment caused by the difficult economic situation in Greece and several other European countries, will continue to influence the market.<br />- The euro will fall, reducing the exchange rate somewhat compensates for the increased financial strength.<br />- Investment in European real estate will be of greatest interest to customers who pay for purchases not in euros.<br /><strong>The most promising markets: Turkey, Hungary.</strong><br />Middle East and North Africa<br />Recovering markets of the Middle East, led by Gulf countries, could be delayed, but do not forget about the "underwater currents" in the region: oil money, currency, pegged exchange rate and high domestic inflation, which can sharply push up the cost of local real estate. Analysts portal Global Property Guide, in the near future investors turn their sublating the Persian Gulf.<br />The most promising markets: Egypt, Jordan.<br />Possible direction: Morocco.<br />Egypt and Jordan have been severely affected by the crisis. However, in the capitals of both countries have a very attractive offer. The rate of return real estate Morocco is slightly lower, but the country is a popular tourist destination.<br /><strong>Asia</strong><br />Real estate markets in most Asian countries dangerously overheated, with the exception of two - Malaysia and Thailand. Malaysia - a country with stable political system, real estate, which gives a reasonable profit. Return on real estate in Thailand is very attractive, but market prices falling because of political uncertainty.<br /><strong>Pacific</strong><br />Investment in local real estate not recommended. Australian housing market is "overheated", and interest rates are rising rapidly. In New Zealand the situation is more stable, but the market has a low investment attractiveness.<br /><em>Analytical Division of the portal Global Property Guide<br />Translation: Nicholas Strelnikov</em></div><div style="text-align: right;"><a href="">Residential Real Estate -</a></div><div style="text-align: justify;"> </div>
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