Forecast: Real estate remains the method of suicide Money

05.12.2010 00:00
Investing in any property, in particular the U.S., not justified by market conditions. In such circumstances, it will only fall.

Analysis of U.S. real estate prices, and forecast of the fundamental factors underlying the market does not leave the other versions of events, but further decline of real estate. Third quarter 2010 property American finished with a nominal loss rates of 2%.

It is particularly interesting that the fall in property prices continues to accelerate. The same quarter in 2009 led to a fall in prices by 1,5%. Affects the desire of banks to dispose of unwanted property at any cost and the huge accumulated baggage of confiscated objects homebuilding.

September prices were below Avgustovka-on 0,7%. The fall affected 18 out of 20 metropolitan areas analyzed. ForConstructionPros analysts suggest that property prices in 2011 prosyadet another 6-8%.

In addition to the announced price and the price is still a real implementation. Currently, banks are willing to seriously give the price of the application, just to get rid of an asset that will soon be cheaper and only require the overhead costs of insurance, protection and maintenance in an acceptable manner. Does not compensate for falling demand for prices: tax incentives in the U.S. stopped.
Market construction: The state of the construction market except stagnation will not name. The decrease in construction due to zatovarki market ready objects, objects runaway mortgage and lower prices make the construction of unprofitable business. At this state of affairs indicated by the indirect factors, such as the status of the architectural market - house projects whose price has declined significantly against the backdrop of lack of orders.

Especially for an already depressed market became stagnant news about the legal complexities of the banks. The coming of the banking system further emphasize the depth of the problem.
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