Forecast of development of the property market of Canada

02.09.2010 07:30
During the second half of 2010 growth rates will slow down construction in the country, predicts the Housing Corporation of Canada. And in 2011 this figure will stabilize and will be on the same level as that of population growth.

According to analysts of state agencies, for the year 2010 the number of new construction projects in the area of housing ranges from 170,000 to 198,000. This is higher than in the past, but less than in 2008, reports CBC News.

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Forecast for 2011 - the number of bookmarks of new housing will range from 146,900 to 210,500, analysts said.

In the secondary market within the next two years will be observed next picture - sales slowed and the number of objects for sale will be more than sufficient to meet existing demand.

In addition, experts agencies predict that in the last quarter of this year, the average cost of housing in Canada amount to 337,450 Canadian dollars. In the first quarter of 2011 this figure will increase to 342,200 Canadian dollars.
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