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06.01.2014 00:45
Articles about real estate | Forecast for 2014 by Feng Shui It's time to talk about the year of wooden horse ... 2014 - the year of instability and lack of balance. In the global economy , someone will become stronger , while others will experience economic chaos and collapse. Heavily influenced by Horses - there is no middle ground . " Survive the fittest" - the motto of next year. Year of wooden horses - this time of rapid victories, unexpected adventures and surprising romance. This is a great year for long-distance travel and adventure .

Thriving businesses in 2014
Metal Industry - jewelry industry , the production and sale of automobiles , banking, engineering, law firms , judges .

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Water industry - sales , insurance , shipping, transportation , travel agencies , journalism , selling drinks and food , metaphysics .
Wood industry - culture, art, mass media , textiles , fashion , pharmaceuticals , farming , flora , furniture, education.

Since Horse - represents one of the 4 Stars Romantic ( peach blossom ), then in 2014 will develop sports (Olympic Games in Sochi , the FIFA World Cup in Brazil ) .
We can expect the emergence of new beautiful show, beautiful rental yield in spectacular movies. And as the Wooden Horse - it's Red Peach ( Red Star charm ) - it is also the emergence of new stars on the horizon of a movie , in the fashion industry , design.

2014 is unfavorable :

• For those who are born in the year ending in the number 8 (1938 , 1948 , 1958, 1968, 1978 , 1988, 1998.2008 ) . Risk of disease , adverse effects of energy , operations, injuries , accidents, cancer .
• For those who were born in the Year of the Rat , especially in 1948 , 1972
• For those who were born in the Year of the Rabbit - the risk of injury and getting physical harm. Problems and his father's illness or relatives. Especially in October 2014

Happily in 2014 :

• For those who have birth year ends by 7 (1937, 1947 , 1957 , 1967, 1977, 1987 , 1997, 2007) - The year will bring financial luck (especially in June )
• And one more lucky - it's Tigers - they, too, will benefit - as the year comprises wealth star .

What to look for in a room :

1.Tay Sui (Jupiter ) or the Grand Duke . Located in the South Mountain Y ( Horse ) takes 172.5 - 187.5 degrees.
Tai Sui feature is that it is a kind of amplifier. If located in the energy sector, its effects are favorable - it enhances their positive qualities , if unfavorable , then amplifies unfavorable aspect.
• 子 ( Rats ) , lives in a house with a facade also sign子 ( Rats ) and falls year signed午 ( Horse ) , it is called the Tai Sui enters the house . Two signs antagonist punched each other and meet in one place and bring to a person's fate great misfortunes and disasters .
Therefore, such a person can not live in the house with the same direction as his year of birth sign .
Feng Shui cure : Use a metal figurine turtle dragon sector Tai Sui

2.Sily W Sha , destructive breath. This destroyers fully . No matter what the energy is located in the place where 3 comes Sha in any case they bring unfavorable Qi .
In 2014, 3 Sha located in the north . Particularly adversely affect those who have front door or bedroom falls within that sector.
The most important thing to avoid disturbance of the sector in the construction and repair work .
Medications Shui : 3 metal Qi Lin , compass Lopan , living plant ...

3.5 yellow flies in the north- west.
In all places where exposed Five yellow , it does not bode well , and there are bound to be trouble and disaster, which is detrimental to race and wealth.
Medications Shui : Water with salt and 6 copper coins .

4.6 - white flies west. To activate use Monkey on Horse and 6 coins. It is better positioned in the sector辛 (277,5 - 292,5), since this will be the Star of Wealth ( Pian Cai ) , which brings unexpected financial luck .

5.8 - white . To activate use rock crystal or citrine .

Several houses , to be brought to the attention of :

Lee House ( North facade , rear South)
If the bedroom or the entrance door in the Northeast - the danger of robberies , fires, loss of property , problems with small children. Mental problems, hearing, speech.

" Debt House "
House Dui ( East facade , Rear West)
Front door and bedroom in the south - is unfavorable for a young girl . Problems with the lungs and bronchi . Frequent injuries and wounds.
Front door and bedroom in the east - "House of disease." Risk of cancer. Vision problems. Health problems in older son and daughter .
Front door and bedroom in the southwest - "Success in training ." Good income .

House Zhen ( West facade , rear East)
Entrance door and a bedroom on the north-west - the conflict between father and son . Death of the old man. The threat of litigation. Danger of fire and disease.
Entrance door and a bedroom on the north - " House of Love ." Favorable for wealth and property.
Entrance door and a bedroom on the north- east - "House of the disease ." Diseases of the immune system and spleen .
Front door and bedroom on the south-east - "House of Wealth." Good financial opportunities.

Success and prosperity in the next year!
Feng Shui expert Elena Vardimiadi .

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