Forecast for 2011 Rabbit

03.02.2011 00:02
 Forecast for 2011 Rabbit (Cat, Rabbit) Prepared by the Director of the Kiev-known feng shui studio Shafran.
When will the year of Hear? What to expect in 2011? How to draw up plans for next year? How to adjust the energy living and working quarters of the year Hare?
Answers to these questions and more - in the article Valentine Sabelnikova.

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When it occurs in 2011 Hear?

According to Chinese tradition, the Eastern New Year begins on February 4 according to the solar calendar. Accordingly, people born before February 4, refer to the sign of the previous year. Celebrated as New Year's Eve at the time of the second new moon after the winter solstice (December 22), so this day is always floating. On the territory of Ukraine in the second new moon pripadaet on February 3 at 4:31 am. In China, this day will be a celebration.
Because in 2011 to strengthen families and health sectors, the most important symbols of the year - the symbols of unity, family and health. They must have a eastern sector of the premises.

What to consider in the coming year?

Earth - the element generating metal lost their force, so strong changes in the next year will not happen in the following areas: real estate, hotel management, mining, insurance, and metallurgical industries, banking. Heavy will be the year for industries related to wood: forestry, furniture, fashion, textiles, paper, tea, media, release of newspapers and magazines, woodworking.
Much attention will be given medicine (as it relates to health, to which this year should pay special attention), power, PR, communications.
The coming year, are inherently its own special element (quality), which will remind them of themselves, creating a successful, or a combination of conflicting events. Every person born under this or any other sign of oriental zodiac circle has a positive, neutral, and negative element of interaction in the current year. In other words, taking into account the effect of different elements is not necessarily the most favorable years for a person to be precisely those years, over which governs "his" animals (in which year he was born). Experience shows that in the corresponding years pripadaet most difficulties.
There are conflicts between people born in the year of the Hare (Rabbit) and Rooster, the representatives of the elements: wood and metal. Therefore, people born in Rooster years, and born in the year Yellow Dragon (1928, 1988) should be especially careful, vigilant, avoid travel in an easterly direction.

How and when to properly draw up plans for next year. What should I pay attention.

Solar, lunar eclipse.
January 4 at 11:02 on Kiev time will the solar eclipse. It was after the elaboration of a solar eclipse and the best plan for the coming year.

30 min. before the eclipse should be energetically clean apartment: go through the entire apartment with a candle, incense and praying in a clockwise direction. 10 minutes before the eclipse to write on a piece of those issues on which we would like to get rid of (fears, complexes, doubt). Need to be as honest with yourself.
At the time of the eclipse should burn the records and to submit that the negative programs you no longer bugged. It must be remembered that the most powerful emotion - it is fear, and she first realized in life. In the east there is a proverb "Fear of fear." It is very important to work through fears that they will not become negative programs in the future.

Drawing up plans for the year.
An hour later, at 12:00, starts planning for the entire year.
1. Plans should be realistic. Relate to all spheres: health, work, family, inner work on yourself, and education.
2. Must specify the timing of the plans.
3. About those circumstances that you can not foresee today.
4. Positive.
5. Eco-friendly to the surrounding people, nature.

Positive attitude, focus and attention - the mandatory conditions during planning.
At each new moon can adjust their plans according to circumstances.
There's no magic there. The laws of physics. Planet after the eclipse is transformed, new quality and the same happens with people.

Solar, lunar eclipses for 2010-2011
• December 21, 2010 at 10:13 - a total lunar eclipse
• January 4, 2011 at 11:02 am - Solar Eclipse
• June 2, 2011 at 00:03 - eclipse
• June 15, 2011 at 23:13 - Lunar Eclipse
• July 1, 2011 at 11:54 am - Solar Eclipse
• November 25, 2011 at 8:11 - a solar eclipse
• December 10, 2011 16:36 - Lunar Eclipse

Why do we need this?
1. Do not sign these moments important documents. If you sign, you are very vigilant.
2. Be especially careful on the road. Promoted injuries.
3. With the benefit for themselves to work in a happy moment.
4. Each eclipse is working with each individual person has his own dimension (see in what degrees is the eclipse).
5. In the lunar eclipse is well work out the negative emotional background, thus becoming healthy, spiritual and physical levels.
Ancient Chinese science of wandering stars, the energy of the universe.

In the Chinese tradition of feng shui is believed that the moment of birth determines our "heaven luck" - it is our fate, with which we come into this world, and with the same birth begins our "Earth Luck" - then, as conditions change in our life time from time to time (sometimes more unlucky in love and sometimes money.) Neither heavenly nor earthly luck, we can not change, because they are determined at birth, but there is a third component - the person who has freedom of choice and having the opportunity to use knowledge about their luck to change their environment, that is to create within and outside good feng shui.
In their recommendations, we use calculations based on ancient Chinese science of Wandering Stars. This is the energy of the universe, which are in various combinations with each other and in some way affect the health and human destiny. Each of them has its own nature, the element with which they are associated with their corresponding colors and numbers. According to fundamental laws of physics, any energy, not being a substance, but only by defining its behavior tends to a constant, continuous circulation. Any substance in the universe, every thing, plant, animal, and people are carriers of energy.

Effect of wandering stars for energy facilities (residential and business) in 2011.
This school of Feng Shui describes the combination of the energy sector of living and working spaces for the current year. The influence of favorable and unfavorable energies need to know to not destroy the positive aspects and negative offset.
South-eastern sector of the prosperity of homes that were built during the years 1884-1903, this year, guarantees success and good health, which are fundamental to making money. That the situation was not damaged, there is better to use the watery element, in combination with metal, such as a mirror in a metal frame (if appropriate), glass figurines in a metal frame. You can use the figures of Swarovski.
South-west sector partnerships and the north-western sector of aides and supporters this year are not predisposed to a creative project work. It is better to move to another location. If there are sleeping places children should not be used in their design in this year's color schemes of blue and green colors. It is better to give preference to yellow, sand, pink. Above the berth on the wall can be placed flat ceramic products, symbolizing the partnership.
In the center of the fire exposed risen star. If there are electrical appliances, do not forget to turn off the network when everyone is gone from the house. Requires special attention, of course, a plate. In addition, this zone will have to remove objects that symbolize metal (figurines, coins, as well as the attributes of white and gray), and instead to place objects out of glass, the images of quiet water. Try not to keep their savings here. In this sector, well listen to quiet, calming music, use the figure of a red rooster - the symbolic fire fighter.
Northern sector portends an unexpected success in the business, which may be a lure for people for easy money. Who here is an aquarium, you can put it in 7 black fish. Alternative - 7 black agates in the square or on a saucer of blue.

For houses that were built during the years 1904-1923,
The western sector of children and projects this year, requires concentration. If in this sector are ladders, wall bars, sports equipment, you must be especially careful. You should not take the time to carefully look at your feet, be confident. Desirable here to have bright, drew the attention of subjects distracting. There are good round shape, shades of gray and white. This year should be avoided planning for new initiatives in this sector.
Children, being in this sector, may annoy a bad mood or state of health, so they require special forbearance and patience. Often to draw attention to themselves, they misbehave or are sick. The presence of a houseplant - krupnohoholkovogo pineapple (Ananas comosus) - will believe in themselves and understand their addiction.
Attention is drawn to the southern sector - there is fire exposed star. Watch for electrical appliances. Objects made of metal for this year is better to move to another location.
Red rooster, symbolizing the original shape of the sun, protection from fire. That's where, it turns out, lie the roots of the expression "to put the red cock! Cock, proudly wearing the color Ognebortsy protects everything that belongs to the people of the fire element.
Center premises of this generation accumulates great ideas. But we should not hurry for them to tell. Everything must be weighed and properly present to these ideas have inspired the confidence of partners. The element of wood (paper), pictures of the tree (forest landscape) will increase this figure.
When it's Chinese New Year 2011? How to plan for the year? Energy facilities

Those who live in the building, erected from 1924 to 1943,
South-western sector of this year pleases his "scholarship" (academic success). This process to bear fruit, this well-placed pull-down (ampelnye), potted plants, similar to the waterfalls and peperomii (Peperomia). Their images on a photo or a picture, too fit. Shades of blue, blue and green colors will help in achieving the desired result.
Western and eastern sectors do not have to restore strength and health.
Eastern sector this year, he needs support. He is absolutely not suitable for eating and recreation, more than 4 hours there be undesirable.
Houseplant delitsioza Monstera (Monstera deliciosa) is good for the premises, if there still is a zone meal. Its emissions contribute to food digestion, eliminates the poisoning as a result of negative emotions during the meal, but also neutralizes the negative impact of destructive combination of stars.
Here the major vessels of wood, glass and metal. Better to put this beautiful plant or put faceted glass bulb: bright glare coming from him, dissipate the negative. Desirable in this space, brighter lighting, candles, and especially moving mechanical objects. Very good here doll, left left to right in ascending order (3,5,7 units) or a metal figurine.
The western sector of children, projects, ideas, warns of dysfunctions of internal organs. Neutralize this situation, natural stones and minerals. For men, good jade, malachite, rock crystal for women, as well as ceramics. You can put vessels with colored sand.

If your home was built between 1944 and 1963,
In the south-eastern sector of the family and the health of slum wait talent and fame. At this point, have good indoor plants (rubber plant rubber plants), lighting, paper, photos, pictures of forests, flowering plants.
The western sector needs protection. He is absolutely not suitable for eating and recreation, more than 4 hours there be undesirable. Indoor plant Gerbera (Gerbera) is good for the premises, if there still is a zone meal. Desirable in this sector to put hours and mobiles - moving mechanical objects. Strengthen this sector will help metal products (miniature Eiffel Tower). It absolutely can not have candles, poems fire.
North-western sector has prepared a pleasant surprise - a success in business, the arts. The main thing - do not spoil. In this place will be good to put a square metal frame with a coin in the center. Well here ceramics, beige, brown.

Those who live or work in a building erected from 1964 to 1983,
Center needs support. For example, you can place here in the frame, 7 black agates. If this possibility is not, then we can put them in a glass dish. As an alternative - an indoor plant yucca (Yucca). Despite her negative energy, in this situation it is very useful.
In the western sector of someone lucky enough to experience happy moments and celebrations of life. We must try not only to establish are aquariums and fountains, the images of birds and waterfalls, lots of glass attributes, so as not to deprive myself of this opportunity.
Northern sector reports that the family is too much extra mouths. You know better, someone you cared for nothing, but who really needs your support. Do not forget that saying "yes zapoteet giving alms in his hand," says that you can not contribute to the spiritual degradation of man.

Indifferent stars to the north-western and north-eastern sector of the residents of houses built 1984 - 2003 years. If people have health problems, you should choose, where it is more convenient to put in these sectors, a chair, and try to hold it longer. This year the favorable combination of stars, promising the restoration of health and strength.
But the eastern sector this year, although referred to as the family and the health sector, not happy. Himself in need of support. He is absolutely not suitable for eating and recreation, more than 4 hours there be undesirable.
Here the major vessels of wood and glass. You can put houseplants (monster delitsiozu or gerbera), put the cut-glass bulb: bright glare coming from him, dissipate the negative. Desirable in this space, brighter lighting, candles, and especially moving mechanical objects. Very good things here from a tree, raised from left to right in ascending order (3,5,7 units).

In the houses of the new generation of 2004-2024 years., For the most successful real estate development, north-west sector promises glory. That all is well developed, the sector will strengthen the pottery, as well as images of the dawn. Photo of successful people, celebrations and holidays appropriate to put here.
Southern sector delineated conflicts. Should not be here to collect family councils to make decisions. Neutralize the situation Plants and products of wood and paper. Colours excludes shades of brown. Ceramics should be moved to another location. Well-put here, at least for this one year houseplant peperomiyu (Peperomia). Its good to have in a home where people live in the nature of which is clearly manifested the spirit of contradiction. Peperomiya entices a person to a sincere expression of concern for the neighbor, the very atmosphere of happy people, warms the soul. Peperomii useful to those who can not tolerate when he contrary, when the people next to him doing something wrong as he was accustomed, as he wishes, those who often laments about his troubles than reports of pleasant events. Plant for its vibration helps build partnerships.
South-eastern sector of the need to protect their functions - prosperity. The latter may encroach this year. Therefore, there is no need to have their financial savings. It is better to put there something from which to get rid of - from its debt obligations, or a plan BTI apartment, which can not sell at the best price for you. Neutralize the situation will help wood products, plant yucca (Yucca), images of water, the attributes of glass, iridescent glass Swarovski. Desirable in this sector using the elements of metal: statues, pictures, metal, shades of gray, golden silver color.

New Year's - a unique opportunity for each to show their love for neighbor. And it does not matter - a complete family or not. Love always has someone present. Each of us should always remember that he is even in the wilderness, not one.
Always close is the Creator, and all of us - his children, the most famous and most loved. He does everything that we were happy, and our task - to believe and to be co-creators.
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