Forbes has made the most expensive purchases of oligarchs in 2010

09.05.2011 11:07
Articles about real estate | Forbes has made the most expensive purchases of oligarchs in 2010 Roman Abramovich has bought an island in St. Petersburg, Dubai Sheikh - a herd of 24 elite runners, and the owner of casinos in Macau, spent 330 thousand dollars for two truffles, which are unfit for human consumption.

New Holland Island - Roman Abramovich bought
Forbes magazine has made a rating of the most expensive purchases richest people in 2010. Topped the list of Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich, who, according to the newspaper, acquired New Holland Island in St Petersburg for $ 400 million.

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The businessman, whose fortune is estimated at 11.2 billion dollars, plans to renovate the island, within which there are buildings of the XVIII century transformed into a complex of museums, art galleries, boutiques, hotels, restaurants and offices.

Second position in the ranking of luxury shopping has taken the head of hedge fund Stephen Cohen. Well-known collector of paintings in 2010 invested in the market for contemporary art 145.4 million dollars. In particular, Cohen bought the paintings "Prapor" Jasper Johnson and a bottle of Coca-Cola "by Andy Warhol - one of the most expensive art objects sold at auction last year.

Pakistani billionaire Mian Muhammad Channel housed in the ranking on the third line with the purchase of London-St. James Hotel & Club for 95 million dollars. Each room at the hotel cost him $ 5 million.

The owner of another real estate became a Mexican tycoon Carlos Slim - the richest man in the world. He purchased a mansion on 5 th Avenue in New York in front of the museum's Metropolitan for $ 44 million. A Texas oil and gas billionaire Warren Kelsey got to Colorado's largest ranches in the United States for 46.5 million dollars.

British jeweler Laurence Graff continued to buy expensive diamonds in the world. The main purchase was the pink 25-carat, they purchased at auction for 46 million unique stone was named after the owner - "Graff pink."

Rating purchases oligarchs. Forbes_2
Dubai Sheik bought a herd of elite racers
The richest people spent a lot of planets and their personal hobbies. So, a businessman from Florida, Wayne Hayzenga paid 40 million dollars for an elite golf club in Georgia. Hong Kong tycoon Joseph Lau gave 16700000 two ancient sculptures of birds in the Chinese tradition symbolizing longevity. A passion for racing Dubai Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, has spent 5.4 million dollars in the London auction, buying a herd of 24 annual elite racers.

However, the most original purchase, according to Forbes, made in Macau casino owner Stanley Ho, who paid 330,000 dollars for two white truffle. Experts noted that the fungi-age are not suitable for culinary purposes, but Ho and did not plan to use them for cooking delicacies. On the question of why he bought the mushrooms, the businessman said: "We need to think about ... When something is rare and truly valuable, rich people should get it."
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