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Articles about real estate | For what homeowners pay in the cottage Future tenants of cottage townships should be aware that apart from public utilities (water, electricity, gas, etc.) they will have to "fork" is also to pay for operating expenses. The amount obtained is not sometimes a little, since the scope of services in towns is much higher than in the city. In addition, the more "fancy" infrastructure available in the village, the greater the expense.

Country rates
Operating costs - is another matter, and they are calculated differently. In this case, much depends on the real estate segment. In the towns economy-operating charges are not so onerous and usually include the cost of security, cleaning and garbage removal. In the villages of business-class and elite services are much higher level and much more varied. It has already paid for cleaning public areas (one price for the summer and winter - the other), the sanitary and hygienic processing of the total territory, the maintenance of roads and fences, various repairs, lighting, gazebos, walking paths, pay beach area, clean water, forests, etc .

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Road maintenance settlements operating organization, as a rule, contains staff on duty repair crews, electricians, plumbers, engineers (to work with engineering systems), gardeners, landscapers and landscape designers. "Most operating costs are calculated by counting the total costs over a certain period of time (usually one month), which is divided by the number of households. Less commonly used payment system on the basis of area homes or land "- explains Ina Malakhov, Head of Sales Group of Companies Maetok.

The amount of operating costs may increase depending on the complexity of the tabulation and maintenance of communications and sewage treatment plants. "In calculating the rates for maintenance services accounted for depreciation of fixed assets, cost of materials and energy consumption, human resources, spetsinventar and clothing for workers, - says Yuri Meyer, Project Manager Roslavichi. - For example, the cost of garbage collection services are determined based on wage janitors, drivers, cost and maintenance of harvesting machines, the cost of the contract with the plant for recycling garbage. "

How much is now a gardener?
The value of maintenance payments depends on how big the village: a thousand there townhouses or fifty houses. The smaller homes, the cost is higher but the quality of services will also be better. "Quality service town in the chamber, - said Victor Kovalenko, the director of consulting company" RealEkspo "- where the number of households is limited to a higher level. For example, a gardener can get out of your household once or more in the quality of services you can offer to warm up your car, put it in the garage, to submit to the door. "

"The owner of a country house should be kept in mind - adds Inna Malakhov - that service in an organized cottage area include far more services than in the city, therefore, the payment will be higher." For example, the first things encountered coming to town residents or their guests - it's a checkpoint. He has been working around the clock, usually staffed by two guards there. Plus, the protection of the town is carried out on the perimeter, which is comparable in size with the urban district. It may be, for example, patrolling, that is, every half-hour guard will bypass it with the patrol.

Further, the villagers were going to pavement quality along the sidewalks, lined with tiles. This second paragraph in operating costs - maintenance and repair of roads. "Around us we see a beautiful area, manicured lawns, shrubs and trees, flower beds, that is well-maintained green spaces, which are the third item in our budget. - Lists Inna Malakhov. - In the evening and at night all the roads in the village lit up. This is also included in the payment. Clean around, no wrappers, piles of garbage, that is the work of local services for the removal and disposal of garbage and keeping area in a neat form. Monthly basis to the amount added a certain amount for the organization of clock duty electricians and plumbers, so that if, God forbid, what happens in the home, utilities were on hand. Now only on those necessary for normal life in the tidy town of points of service we receive an amount of USD 1500-2000.. "

Otherwise, in the towns economy class. In their operating costs, as noted by Victor Kovalenko, may be comparable to public utility services owners of city apartments (500 -800 USD. Per household). But at the same time, if the village economy-a lot of infrastructure, the maintenance payments at once can "jump".

Pleasant exception
As it was already clear, the owners of holiday homes to pay expenses associated with maintaining the infrastructure of the town, and the more "bells and whistles, the higher the costs. In addition to transport and engineering infrastructure cottage, Victor Kovalenko calls yet, and social. The objects of social infrastructure include educational and medical institutions, offices and administrative facilities, athletic facilities, playgrounds, restaurants, cafes, entertainment centers, clubs and other "social infrastructure can be both municipal and commercial. To municipal infrastructure are all objects that are passed into the ownership of the local administration. And, of course, if the infrastructure is located within the town, operating expenses will include costs for maintenance of this infrastructure, "- says Inna Malakhov.

However, at the town market there are pleasant exceptions for property owners. For example, the town is located in the spa complex. Villagers will be free to use its infrastructure. These services round the clock medical care, recreation and sports complex with swimming pool, tennis courts, volleyball courts, basketball court, solarium, jacuzzi, sauna, gym, restaurant, pool, shop, boat station and beach complex. But at the same fee for servicing the whole of this infrastructure is not included in the operating costs of the villagers.

In court for failing to pay
In general, "gentleman's set" for the town economy class - a point of entry to, children, sports grounds and recreational areas, and public building, which is operating agency. In the villages of business class is expected, in addition, more and shop, a pharmacy, a sports complex, which can have either already operational or under construction. In elite plus to this restaurant, design studio, meeting rooms, a spa, conference facilities, fitness clubs, stables, golf courses, yacht clubs, helipads. The content of these sites significantly increases the monthly maintenance payments of tenants.

Although the crisis, according to Victor Kovalenko, made their adjustments, forcing developers to reconsider plans to build infrastructure. In most towns have preferred to abandon the diversity in favor of brevity and simplicity, restricting recreational areas.

At the town market, as well as on the capital, there are defaulters. The most common reason for this behavior people - overly inflated prices. If the situation does not suit many people, it can be changed. "To address this issue at the initiative of residents performed an audit of management companies, and then, as a rule, it is possible to reduce tariffs, - said a senior lawyer Vasil Kisil & Partners Natalia Dotsenko-Belous. - If the tenant does not pay because of their lack of (for example, a long overseas trip), or simply an unscrupulous consumer services, such actions constitute a direct breach of contract, and the only civilized measure of influence on this situation - the appeal of the management company to court. "

There is a corresponding decision, the expert continues, according to which the management company has the right to disconnect the defaulter from the service. The remaining interventions, such as, for example, restricting access to the territory of the house are illegal.

According to the analytical center of "RealEkspo, the average cost of services for cottage villages in the Kiev region of 1000 - 3000 UAH. per month.

Victor Kovalenko
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