For the I quarter of 2011 concluded 35 000 land transactions in Bulgaria

25.07.2011 15:39
Articles about real estate | For the I quarter of 2011 concluded 35 000 land transactions in Bulgaria The Bulgarian property market begins recovery, official figures show registration service. But unlike the pre-crisis years, buyers are interested in is not housing, and agricultural land.

Increased demand has led to a boom in sales of land at the beginning of the year. For I quarter 2011 the country signed over 35 thousand contracts of sale of land - a 23% increase over the same period last year. The last time such a rise was recorded in 2007.

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Interest in purchasing the land shown not only by agricultural producers, but also investment funds.

In the ten districts of the country's number of trades soared by more than 85%. These include areas with developed agriculture, such as Kula, Tutrakan, Svishtov and Lom.

The absolute leader was part of the city of Veliki Preslav, where according to the local registration service number of contracts increased by 246% compared with 2010. "People are forced to sell land to link the ends meet - says Mayor Dimo ​​Bodurov .- Unemployment - the main problem of the population of Veliki Preslav,. People rely mainly on seasonal agricultural work. Other ways to get their livelihood almost no ".

However, the jump in sales was observed only in the market of agricultural land. Price increases in other sectors should be expected.
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