For the first time in the world was upside down house

22.11.2010 09:51
In the zoo, the German commune Gettorf appeared first in the world flipped upside down house.<br /><br />In it all-everything upside down: a bath and attached to the ceiling, and a toilet, and stove, microwave and nailed to the wall. From the ceiling, which looks more like a floor, hanging chairs, armchairs, dining table, beds and even 30-pound wooden cabinet with a mirror. Bed, as expected, laid out, but a twist - the bed had to be sewn to the bed and covered with carpet to the ceiling.<br /><br />Naturally, living in a house no one will. It is made in order to attract more visitors to the zoo.<br /><br />Local carpenters for several months working on this project. Order was not an easy task. "For us to operate in such conditions was problematic. We had to constantly think about how it will look in mirror - Daily Mail said one of the masters Gerhard Mordhorsht. - It was the most insane project in my life. And most difficult was to connect the plumbing. <br /><a href=""><br /><br /></a><br />
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