For that agent receives a commission?

23.12.2013 01:00
Articles about real estate | For that agent receives a commission? Primarily a result, there is no result - no fee.
And what is it folds , ie commission ?
And it shows when terminating when the client klyanchat
money for their work and for advertising object.

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Document the costs and does not work
so that those customers ponaglee directly send agent
in the garden, well if you can vytsyganit thousand five.
So what did we ask for hundreds of thousands of customers ,
the real cost of our work ?
Someone says - For knowledge , for skills , for help .
But , as all measured lope hang in grams ?
It turns out in the end that our commission is
one of the relatively honest ways of taking money
citizens , and consequently the great schemer
we are not much different.
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