For sale island in the shape of a heart

20.11.2012 00:30
Articles about real estate | For sale island in the shape of a heart Not far from new York sold unusual island. According to General admission area of land in the shape of a heart, situated in the middle of the lake Махопак, is the most romantic place in the world. Feature of the object is also in a house built on it.

Building plan was developed by the designer Frank Wright still in the middle of XX century. However, it was not able to implement, because the owner of the island did not have sufficient amount of money. The project had to postpone for more than 50 years.

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The current owner was much better off, and five years ago the house was built on previously developed plan. It is a work of art - in the interiors of the architect-innovator skillfully written natural landscapes of the island. For example, in some of the rooms written these rocks. A distinctive feature of the house is also the fact that one of its parts is presented in the form of stylized pier. Total area of the building is 1500 m2.

It is worth noting that the house on the island-the heart is made according to all canons of organic architecture, created by Frank Wright, that is, the intervention into the nature of the minimum, which allows to keep the natural relief of the terrain.

At the moment does not know the reasons, which induced the owner of the island sell a unique property. The price of natural and architectural masterpiece is also not disclosed.
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