For new housing Belarusians will be able to pay oldest

31.10.2011 00:45
Articles about real estate | For new housing Belarusians will be able to pay oldest Architecture and Construction Ministry has developed a new funding mechanism for housing construction in Belarus.

To activate the new mechanisms for financing housing Minstroyarchitecture drafted and is pending draft Presidential Decree "On Approval of the order of making the dwelling, privately owned, as a contribution to offset the cost of construction of new residential premises", the press Service department.

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The procedure is one of the mechanisms of the effect of which is aimed to help citizens who have owned a dwelling (living room, apartment, house, isolated part of the house, share in the living room), to improve their living conditions.

Its application in practice will reduce the load on the financial-credit sphere of government by reducing the volume of loans granted for construction of residential premises; strengthen and diversify the housing market, to sate his most popular malokomnatnymi apartments, use an additional resource to attract citizens to the housing.

Order found that the value of the dwelling to be transferred by the owner developer, the customer should be counted as an initial and (or) subsequent contributions to offset the cost of building a new dwelling in accordance with the terms of the contract between the customer, developer and owner of the dwelling.

It is assumed that after the contract owner will have the opportunity to continue to use this living space with a corresponding delayed registration of the transfer certificate on-goal dwelling.

Procedure provides for the possibility not only selling the builder transferred to him the dwelling-goal, but the use of the premises for other purposes. For example, to transfer it to the bank guarantee as security for repayment of the loan, the use of resettlement for people living in houses which are on site and intended for demolition. Such premises may also give developers in hiring; transmitted to compensate customers (developers), residential city budget or the cost of accommodation free of charge transferred in communal property as a premises for resettlement of residents from residential homes to be demolished in connection with granting of land plots for housing construction.

There are also other ways to use the customers of such premises which do not contradict the legislation of the Republic of Belarus, noted in Minstroarhitektury.
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