For how much you can buy a house in the cottage?

07.10.2010 12:08
Articles about real estate | For how much you can buy a house in the cottage? Demand for homes in cottage settlements while minimal, so the beginning of the year prices have fallen by about 20%.

Since 2010 the price of home ownership in a cottage village sank in 15 - 20%. However, the generosity of the developers did not impact on consumer activity. Demand remains minimal. Deters potential homeowners not only a high price - near Kiev cottage costs an average $ 2200 per 1 m2, but the lack of confidence to the many developers who wrote Money.

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Even seemingly stable projects in 2010 were not in the best position: the construction stopped, investors require developers to meet the obligations stipulated period. But hardly before the end of the year it will move off the ground: autumn-winter - not the best time for private construction. Active work is clearly not resume until the spring of 2011.

"Therefore, continue to develop only those villages whose developers can boast of their own money for construction, as well as those who are due to the quality and thought-out concept can transform into a real pent-up demand", - said Vitalina Medyanaya, Head of Sales cottage community Green Hills (draft Dragon Ukrainian Properties & Development plc). Those lucky few.

Tricks and shares
The cheapest home ownership in the cottage of the Kiev region costs $ 1000 - 1500 per 1 m 2 (here and further - to the cost of land). Note that the low cost houses do not actually lost in value. But business-class townships and towns only for the premium segment in 2010 fell by more than 20%.

"Prices have fallen by 90% of the projects because of falling demand and the absence of other than low price, ways to attract customers" - said Ms. Medyanaya. According to her, hold, and even managed to raise prices only to those villages, which were originally clear vision and thoughtful development strategy.

However, the application of the price increase is very much like a trick - they say, "buy today, tomorrow will be even more expensive." "In fact, raising prices is ungrounded and the companies that now have to raise prices, may soon announce the New Year and Christmas promotions, because of what it turns out that the price of the cottage will be 2 - 5% lower than that was to improve ", - assured the correspondent of" Money "is one of the experts.

How to buy
Despite the fact that the number of cottage townships is very high and it would seem, is to choose from which to find really built villages very difficult. Today, as stressed by Ms. Medyanaya, the choice narrowed down to 4 - 5 "live projects". And they can buy a house already built or under construction. "Legal Procedures are maximally transparent in both cases: when buying a ready cottage is a contract of sale of land and sale agreement at home, construction - a contract of sale of land and contract general contractor," - she said.

According to the company, "Trajectory", buyers often are interested in homeownership economy class for $ 150 - 200 thousand square up to 200 m2 with a plot of 10 - 15 ares. There is some interest in the towns business katergorii at $ 350 - 500 thousand to a house in the 250 - 350 "squares" on 20 acres of land, and to have a landscaped area. In fact, the buying preferences of the crisis, little has changed - both in terms of affordable prices, and in terms of the size of the house and the land on which it stands.

Land row
Developers have turned again to the good old practice of selling land in the cottage. Lots are sold as a contract, and without it. Sale of land without a contract means that the buyer gets a plot to let down communications and the house will build itself.

Sale with contract assumes that the company will build a house, which cooperates with the developer and builds homes in this cottage. The house will be erected in accordance with the approved general plan and the general concept of cottage, and its price will be set builder.

Each of these options furnishing countryside housing has advantages and disadvantages. Buying land with contract makes life easier for the buyer that he will not have to look for construction crews. And for the flaws in the construction can be strictly demand from the developer.

Buying land without a contract would save: a future homeowner may hire for the erection of any house team of builders, to use the project without unnecessary frills and save on the purchase of materials. However, neighbors may not appreciate that a number of construction is delayed, and postpones the date of cottage village.

After all, a homeowner can build their own home for a year, while another may well happen financial difficulties, and the erection of the cottage will be delayed one knows by how much. As a result, among the cottages lined up to be hanging around a vacant lot or unfinished "box". All these circumstances must be considered when buying a home in the village, where neighbors can be allowed to purchase land without a contract.

Of course, if the buyer intends to build his own house, the developer enters into a contract with him, which are governed by architectural solution used (often required that the house does not stand out from the general style of the cottage) and the dates on which the house will be built, as well as penalties for the violation.

Sanctions can be very hard, until rupture of the contract and return the site back into the property developer (the buyer in this case the return of his money). That's just how the lawyer, such "extreme measures" in practice almost impossible. The fact that the confiscated land in humans, which it has ownership, it is very difficult. In addition, land in the meantime may get cheaper, and it is unlikely the developer wish to part with money that he can not get if again tries to sell the returned land.

On the other hand, selling plots without binding contract - the iron reason to think about the financial viability of the developer. It is not excluded that the sale of land without a contract is for him now, the only way to attract money into the project.

How much humus
The cost of land in cottage settlements varies greatly depending on the conditions of sale, location and quality of the site. Weave in the cottage near Kiev can be found for $ 500 - 1000, although there are proposals for several tens of thousands for a hundred.

Usually, low land prices are found in small towns "in the early stages of construction" - if it plots in the open field and not always with communications. However, the price to $ 1000 for a hundred you can buy a plot in modern construction settlements. Only are they not the name of "cottage" and "holiday village".

Variation in prices of land in the cottage around other major cities are also great. For example, in the Kharkov region for a hundred in the cottage asking $ 400 - 1500. In the Odessa area price of the lot may be as high as $ 60,000 for a hundred.

Invest it?
Just how promising investments in the construction of cottages, developers prefer not to talk. This is not surprising: the rosy predictions no one would believe, and to exaggerate on the already depressed market they do not want.

"I would not hurry to invest money in any one segment of the real estate" - quite frankly the chairman of the National Council of Realtor Chamber of Ukraine Oleksandr Bondarenko. According to him, prices are still inadequate to the situation and quality. Does not recommend Mr. Bondarenko and buying houses as a way to save money on depreciation.

But buying a country home in order to improve their living conditions - already has a meaning. Only need to buy a cottage in the village, where houses are already built or under construction around the village and built roads, electricity, other communications, punched wells for water supply.

The cost of furnishing the cottage

Land - 20-50%
The erection of the box "- 25-40%
Finishing work - 20-30%
Communication - 10-25%

Natalia Kolokoltsev, director of Trinity partners, the project coordinator cottage array "Our Mistechko:
- First of all when choosing a cottage should pay attention to its location, transport options and the objects of social infrastructure.

Only someone who has experience of country living, knows how important the existence of alternatives to road transport, for example, taxi, rail, etc. It is equally important, of course, quality of construction and finishing works and the possibility of a quality check.

Important as the status of the land and the possibility of acquiring it in the property, it is important and the availability of addresses, as well as the possibility of registration in the acquiree's house. Also, immediately to clarify the issue of communication. Put the two-plus cottage, which already has gas, electricity, water and sanitation.
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