For housing for young people in Donetsk promise six elite unfinished

15.10.2010 20:09
Articles about real estate | For housing for young people in Donetsk promise six elite unfinished Need to make 70% of sales price, the rest - from the budget
In Donetsk, trying to revive the program cost housing for young people. Yesterday came the deputy head of the State Board of the Foundation of Youth Housing Assistance Pavel Nesterenko - to sign a memorandum of cooperation with the Donetsk Regional State Administration.

The authorities have matured a new project get concessionary rent - they promise to add 30% of the price, if a participant of the program itself will find 70% (formerly gave shelter in installments in its own new buildings or reimburse 12% of the interest on the loan, if the youth buy "secondary housing"), writes today.

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"In the past two years, the program almost did not engage and have accumulated a lot of negativity. Now borrowers pay only the fund in April-May. Still remained outstanding for six months "- confessed Nesterenko.

At Shakhtar, who are involved in the project, the mass of the claims. "I bought in 2005 kopeck piece in Donetsk and the state reimburses me some interest on bank loans. I must get to 200 UAH. per month for the card, but the money is coming in very regularly.

We first tried to find out for what period offset, but I did not say in the fund and I gave up on the matter at hand. But the compensation is to somehow work program installment, I know, does not work "- to share with our accountant Olga Korn.

Incidentally, over 10 years of the program in the Donetsk region only 400 young families received a new apartment and bought a 1300 house on the secondary housing with partial compensation. Now Youth Foundation is building another new home in Donetsk in the Theater, 7a. But this drop in the ocean: last year, put into operation three youth new building, where only 128 families were settled.

Therefore, the authorities decided to force a settlement: signed contracts with commercial developers to compensate them for part of the cost of apartments for young people. The program got six unfinished (in terms of box should be ready by 70%).

In Donetsk - a house on the street. Soviet, two houses on Avenue 25 th anniversary of the Red Army and the house on Avenue Krasnogvardejskiy in Makeyevka on the Green on the Boulevard 60-years anniversary of the USSR and in Mariupol, on the street. Gugel, 3c.

Waiting list to receive benefits under the age of 35 years to open a bank account and put back 70% of the purchase price. The remaining amount will fund the state budget (the State Treasury has already committed to these goals for all areas of UAH 100 million. Until the end of the year promises a further 200 million). However, where young people will take from 70% of the price?

For example, in one of the proposed fund houses is the smallest one-bedroom apartment of 80 squares worth 756 thousand UAH. It turns out, just need to deposit 529 thousand UAH. That is, 66 thousand dollars. Over half the amount if desired, and so buy a decent "kopeck piece" in the secondary market of Donetsk.

"Buying will be doctors and officials"

In addition to the price of housing in the new program has several disadvantages. First, the incentives provide only a 21 square meter each tenant plus an additional 10 squares on the family. For two adults and a child out of the square 73. And even in the most compact "kopeck piece" to be paid seven squares on the full fare builder of his own pocket - is from 40 to 70 thousand UAH.

Secondly, the house in the Red Army are going to put into operation in December, and if in six weeks the young families will not find by $ 66 thousand apartments will go on the market price. "This is yet another still-born child of the authorities. Well, how did people in the queue for a flat sum of money for a down payment.

We all now the portrait of a consumer. Before the crisis, took shelter in the new building, as a rule, representatives of the business. And now, through one - Doctors and officials - solid corrupt. These are the bribes and buy a place in the queue. But they have to? One regular customer - a local official - is the fifth apartment we bought! "- Told us the source of a construction company in Donetsk.

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