For efficient recovery of the mortgage debt is required six months - Collector

31.05.2011 15:50
Articles about real estate | For efficient recovery of the mortgage debt is required six months - Collector For effective collection of debts on the mortgage requires a minimum of six months. Banks, in turn, are still wary of giving these things to collectors for a long time, the director of debt collection company Verdict Alexander Kabakov.

"Often the dialogue with the debtor is in full swing, and life has already ended. And when you consider that for an unsecured loan period of 3 months. acceptable, then the secured loans and six months is usually enough. The effectiveness of the external reservoirs at such short time-frame of the portfolio of mortgage loans does not always meet the expectations of banks "- quoted the press service collection company director Alexander Kabakov, wrote Building.

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As the expert noted, the 2011 and 2012. promise to make some changes - the main circuit of collectors with collateral loans still remain the commission. In 2010, in the collection companies were about 8 billion USD of credit debt, of which about 3 billion UAH of debt has been sold and about 5 billion USD has been transferred to the work of the commission.

"A somewhat different situation is observed in the market buying debt. In 2011, the market will also increase significantly in connection with the sale of portfolios of distressed mortgage loans that were formed in "crisis" period.

However in 2012, in the absence of new crises, it may show a tendency to decrease and will be about 2,5-3,5 billion UAH ", - predicted Alexander Kabakov. According to the expert, as a result, by 2012, banks will give to the work of collectors and 30 - 40% of mortgage loans.
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