Floating rates will no longer reduce the cost of mortgages

25.11.2010 15:57
Articles about real estate | Floating rates will no longer reduce the cost of mortgages Since the summer of 2010 the lowest cost mortgage loans on the secondary market of real estate owned by the program with a floating rate. Some experts argue that further reduce the cost of mortgages through loans with variable rates should be expected.

As of 11/22/2010, the most profitable deals in the mortgage market - a program with a floating rate. Thus, OTP Bank offers loans to purchase real estate in the secondary market under the nominal 15.99% per annum, with a single commission 0,99%, Erste Bank provides loans for 16.3% per annum, with a single commission 1,5%.

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Universal Bank provides mortgages 16.95% per annum, the Commission also makes 1,5%. Loans with floating rate cheapest in the market due to the fact that their value is tied to the value of deposits attracted by the above institutions, writes Prostobank consulting.

Experts confirm that the only mechanism capable of today make mortgages affordable - a floating rate. "For almost all the banks say that the reduction in mortgage rates to an acceptable level is only possible if the transition to a floating interest rate, as evidenced by the appearance on the market offers to 17% per annum, - says Anton Shaperenkov, Director of Marketing Retail VAB Bank.

However, the potential reduction of floating interest rates are almost exhausted, and if the lower cost of deposits, and further, the banks may lose their depositors. Experts today point out certain difficulties for institutions that issue loans with a floating rate.

"Analyzing the dynamics of attracting liability in the context of banks that offer variable rate mortgages, it is evident that the investor is not ready to place funds on deposit at these financial institutions at an interest rate of 13-14% per annum, while the market is an attractive alternative - the contributions by 17-18% per year - continues to Anton Shaperenkov - the cost of resources will determine the bulk deals in lending and deposit markets are not yet ready to drop to 11-12% per annum. "
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