Flats under the key: how to choose how much to pay, for what to prepare

24.04.2011 14:35
Articles about real estate | Flats under the key: how to choose how much to pay, for what to prepare Overseas sale housing with bare concrete walls - rather, it is nonsense. Wallpaper, floor coverings in the rooms, tiles and sanitary ware in bathrooms, kitchen - the minimum set, which is available in each apartment. On the Russian real estate market housing, ready to move in, found still quite rare, although experts' forecasts in the future, the proposal should grow.

The crisis has increased the choices

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Apartments for sale are dealt mostly in homes built on various social programs. Offer limited to new buildings in the commercial. This state of affairs in the market, according to Sergei Kushmenyuka, CEO of investment real estate agency Condrey, helped by the fact that the demand for new buildings is often outstripping supply, developers can easily sell the apartments and unpolished. "In the crisis of 2008-2009, the situation changed dramatically. A large number of customers has gone from the market, and developers had to fight for every customer. For some players finish apartments become bargaining chips, which helped them to implement a significant number of areas "- the expert believes.

Today the market of commercial new construction offers two types of apartments: for finishing and repair of the key. For the first option in the construction phase is coordinated layout of the apartment (in case of an open-plan), we have the necessary wiring, interior walls are being built, is coupling and alignment. After that, the future tenants is to make itself clean finish and deal with furniture. As for fully completed, then it is done on an individual project or one of the model developed in advance. Repairs can be made as in all newly built house at once, and in separate apartments in accordance with the wishes of future tenants.

Despite the fact that the future owner will have to now make an effort to find a house to repair the primary market, the share of these flats is still increased. According to Artem Rzhavsky, head of consulting and analytics company "ABC housing, until 2009, the rate of new buildings with refurbishment does not exceed 2-3% of total supply. When objects were presented mainly in the upper price segments. Over the past year 1,5-2 share flats offered in this format has increased to 10-12%, including those affecting the economy and comfort classes.

As an example, where housing is sold with finishing, we can reduce the Moscow new buildings on the street. Zhygulivs'ka, 14, Bldg. 2, str. Tatyana Makarova, 3, str. Luhmanovskaya, d. 28, 32, 35.

Quick housewarming

The popularity of home, ready to move in, too, has recently increased. "Before the crisis, demand for apartments for sale is quite consistent with the existing proposal and was 2-3% in the structure of consumer preferences - resulting data Artem Rzhavsky. - Over the past 1,5-2 years customer preferences have shifted toward the low-budget purchases. Consequently, the share of future tenants who are interested in apartments with a completed finish, rose to 15%.

The main advantage of flats under the key - it's quick housewarming. If the purchaser of real estate elite and business class housing is usually not worth so badly, and they can afford to spend some time on expensive repairs, then for future homeowners economy-rapid transit - it's a matter of principle. "Most consumers live in rented apartments, respectively, the cost to repair automatically increases the cost of rental housing in this period - explains Sergey Kushmenyuk. - In addition, many home buyers purchase a newly constructed building with an alternative transaction in which they sell their old "square" and immediately enter into a new apartment. "

I finished housing, there are other pluses. For example, the cost of repairs made by the company-builder, will cost less compared with the independent exercise of finishing. "For the objects of economy and comfort-class value of commercial finish is 4-7 thousand rubles. per square. m. In the new buildings erected under the social needs of municipal apartments are finished, quality is noticeably lower than commercial. In this case, the finish is worth 2-3 thousand rubles. per square. m. In the business and luxury segments such work add to the cost of housing for at least 15-20% ", - said Artyom Rzhavsky.

Here's another example. As an option, designer finishes, using quality materials offered this year in the monolithic housing complex in the neighborhood Tsarina. "We have completed work on the establishment of showrooms where customers can evaluate the proposals for the decoration of real, - says Olga Novikova, a leading analyst company NDV-Real Estate. - Without finishing the minimum cost per square meter is 73 thousand rubles., With the finish - 79 thousand rubles. In general, the crisis contributed to the development of additional options, one of which was the sale of apartments for. Options and quality of repair to each object are getting better. "

In addition, the population of the already renovated apartment tenants eliminates the discomfort created by carrying out repair of its neighbors.

One more time. Housing repairs, implemented without finishing, often extends over several years, so these houses are populated for a long time. As a result of the first settlers could be affected also by the fact that not all infrastructure facilities will operate in a residential complex at the same time. For example, the date of opening of shops and restaurants depend on how big will the flow of customers, and if they are small, to begin work unprofitable. In addition, the early years of shrinkage occurs at home, so do quality repairs in the apartments are not recommended. Finish from the developer in this respect can be regarded as a useful thing.

Come and live

Apparently, the developers are not very profitable to take shelter from the finish, otherwise, today there are offers on the market would be much greater. The obvious plus for the developer at the time of apartments completed, according to Vladimir Tribrat, director of marketing GC "Pioneer" - this is an opportunity to highlight your property against others and to attract a buyer created the product "Come and live." But there are high risks do not predict the changing preferences of consumers in terms of trim, extends the construction and commissioning of facilities (3 to 6 months), there are difficulties of technical implementation and monitoring procedures for finishing, and the higher the level of the object, the higher the risk the developer.

And consumer demand is not large enough to make viable the costs of implementation of the model repair. "In a moment of choice apartments in the newly constructed about 60% of buyers would prefer to see it finish, - says the expert. - As the buyer finds out more about the various proposals, including the performance characteristics of finishing, were interested in the apartments under the key down to about 30%, and by the time of the transaction and does fall to a negligible quantity. "

Making the decision to take an apartment under the key or not depends on the type of structure. For example, houses built on monolithic technology, imply an individual plan. Therefore, to perform a standard finish in such objects - means to deprive future tenants to mount an internal space of an apartment to your liking. And this point for them just is advantageous when choosing a cast housing.

Sergei Kushmenyuk believes that the main advantage of sales of finished housing for the developer is not so much the earnings on the finish, as the emergence of a significant competitive advantage in the sold object. This is especially true of projects in which buyers are offered several types of finish, made in different styles. Now such offers in the market a bit, and they are popular.

Promising option

Today, as five years ago, experts have tipped housing, ready to move in, a good future. The fact that the proportion of new buildings to be sold with finishing of apartments will grow, experts agree. That is only to assess the speed of this process is difficult. What is clear is that a segment of the business class and elite, this will occur much slower.

It is believed that such square footage will be demanded by buyers. "Demand for apartments turnkey unambiguously increase with an increase in the share of investment transactions, as more and more people will buy an apartment for subsequent lease, but as long as such transactions are rare, - says Vladimir Tribrat. - And that's what real estate should definitely be erected with the finish, so this resort, because this housing is removed from the residence of the owner, renovated apartments and is an obvious difficulty for the owner of real estate. "

According to Artem Rzhavsky, objective reasons to reduce the demand for apartments with a finish made in the near term is not because the current level of income is still considerably lower than before the crisis.

In addition, the recovery of the mortgage market in the segment of new construction is sufficiently slow that in some way limits the financial capacity of buyers.

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