Flats sold once a week "on the cheap"

30.11.2010 14:41
Police did not hurry to look for the escaped con men, and the notary and the homeowner would like to do with it ...<br /><br />One of the crooks involved in the sale of apartments in the capital, law enforcers arrested in early October. And if the victims had hoped then that the investigation will bear fruit, and now doubt that besides the already captured swindler, someone will be punished. Worst of all buyers who have no hope to recover the money spent, says explosives.<br /><br /><strong>Bought the air</strong><br /><br />Sergei and Elena Plaksa hoarded in an apartment a few years. Huddled in one room hruschevke with her sister Helena, and dreamed of their own homes. Hope to find something decent on the eyes melted after each successive viewing suggestions. But once the couple stumbled upon an intriguing ad. Square meters were sold quickly and, according to a realtor who answered the phone, inexpensively.<br /><br />Crybabies agreed view on the same day. The door opened by a woman 50 years old, named Lydia Konstantinovna. She explained that she is sick, so leaving home in Dnepropetrovsk and wants as soon as possible to get rid of the apartment. The hostess offered to crank a little manipulation, to avoid paying a broker, and then the acquisition cost will fall to quite acceptable 40 thousand dollars. Buyers agreed.<br /><br />Sergei and Elena were so afraid of becoming a victim of fraud, that they decided to play it safe and hire a lawyer. Contract signed by a notary, carefully studied the documents. Paper did not cause the slightest suspicion. Spouses have paid money, got the keys and said goodbye to Lidia Konstantinovna. And when they came to her new apartment, it turned out that the locks replaced.<br /><br />A knock on the door came just a neighbor. Story about buying surprised no Lydia Konstantinovny did not know about the apartment and told only that her every week new tenants. Outraged tricked the young people went to the BTI, and was told that the deal with this number does not exist.<br /><br />A notary has refused to explain why no agreement has made the roster.<br /><br /><strong>Police are not interested<br /></strong><br />The present owner of the apartment turned up himself. According to him, shelter, he had inherited, they do not like, and loaned to the broker. Who in turn handed over the apartment whom he wanted. When the last lodger disappeared, the owner replaced the door lock, but the sale did not know.<br /><br />The police's story of deceived consumers reacted sluggishly. The criminal case would not excite at all - allegedly insufficient grounds. And recently I saw an acquaintance of Sergei in a newspaper article about the detention in the Dnipro area apartment scam. The man decided, just in case go to the identification and really learned in one of those arrested that same realtor who brought them to the "mistress". Unfortunately, law enforcement officers are not interested in opening Sergei. A criminal case on his episode aroused only after he arranged a major scandal. And then - silence.<br /><br />In Desnyanskiy police department of Kiev situation commented sparingly. Is a consequence, "Lydia Konstantinovna" wanted to talk about something too early.<br /><br />Most likely, the missing "owner" - nothing more than a pawn. Judging by the quality of work, Plaks and other victims took in around the finger is a serious gang of swindlers. But the police investigation attributed the stagnation in the very absence of a suspect. Find it practically impossible, so that justice is the victim of fraud almost do not count.<br /><br />Interested in the role of the notary in this story. According to our laws, these specialists do not have access to information about property owners. But to register the contract he was required. However, to account for a notary public will not attract. Many lawyers believe that the record - one of the major flaws in the law that allows the fraudsters to do what they want. But while the deputies did not dare to declassify data on property rights, scammers can rob even the most forward-looking and attentive.<br /><br /><strong>Trust but verify</strong><br /><br />Protect yourself from fraud is 100% impossible. But to minimize the risk is quite real.<br /><br />- By signing any official document, in any case can not leave space between the text and signature. In these few lines one can easily write anything, and it turns out that along with the old fridge you sold the apartment. The right thing simply cross out the blank space.<br /><br />- Buying a home in the secondary market, socialize with neighbors seller. Find out who lives in an apartment, how long ago.<br /><br />- Refine the BTI, was granted a certificate-response to sell the apartment.<br /><br /><strong>Worry should be if:</strong><br /><br />- The apartment is sold person who purchased it a week ago.<br /><br />- Housing in poor condition, it seems that for a long time, there lived an outcast. In this case, himself the "boss" looks more than decent.<br /><br />- Necessary documents (including passport with residence permit seller), you indicate briefly, trying not to give a good opportunity with them carefully.<br /><br />- Price per square meter significantly understated.<br /><strong>BB </strong><br />
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