Flats can pick up a debt of 10 minimum wages

12.12.2011 09:49
Articles about real estate | Flats can pick up a debt of 10 minimum wages Population growth of debt for utilities will force public utilities to file shortly considerably more lawsuits to collect debts.

In this case, komsluzhby will mainly focus on the real property as a guarantee of repayment - sure Managing Partner of law firm "Alekseev, Boyarchuk & Partners" Sergey Alekseev.

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"In the case of bringing the case to court for the settlement of public debt, the court will order him to immediately recover. And, if the debt exceeds 10 times the minimum wage, it can be repaid at the expense of real immuschestva.

There are cases of writ of production - this is when the court does not consider it a matter of fact, if the debt is relatively bezsporny. He immediately gives the order for his recovery. This includes arrears of child support retained by employers to employees agencies we, as well as komuslugi.

After service accrued but not paid. The court shall issue an order and can instantly go kommunalnschiki in executive service for the enforcement of debt "- said the lawyer. He also noted that the Civil Code provides that certain features of seizure of immovable property to repay the debt.

"The imposition of penalties on housing - an exceptional measure. As a rule, the executive office should do its best to select housing. In addition, the court imposing the penalty is required to register, who will address this issue, who is responsible. However, in practice this rule, unfortunately, does not work "- said Alekseev.

According to the lawyer, in debt, municipal debt which exceeds the amount of 10 minimum wages (more than 10 ths.) Must repay at least part of the sum. Because the State Executive in this case can no significant complications set housing for sale, and proceeds to pass public utilities. Although in practice such cases the unit, said "Realt.ua".

That is why the lawyer insists - do not ignore the existence of the debt and do not abuse the patience of public utilities. After all, if there is a reason for the seizure of real estate, someone sooner or later they will use. The lawyer assured - in a common public perception that the bank debts have better repayment than the public is not more than a myth.

According to Alekseev, utilities have a natural monopoly - to buy water, you can only have the utility, electricity - in the energy distribution company, etc. Consequently, there is a communal natural methods of pressure on debtors - blackouts, water, gas, without which exist in the modern world is practically impossible.

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