Five-story "hatynki" Ukrainian rich legalize

19.12.2010 07:45
In the coming days will be registered in the parliament, and in December passed a draft law "On regulation of urban development', Mykola Azarov, who had already called a "revolutionary". Giving a characterization of the document, the Prime Minister had a view of reducing time required to process permits and a general reduction in the necessary permits. However, the "revolutionary" in this document quite different. The bill will simplify the lives of not only developers, but some other segments of Ukrainian society.

Thus, the draft law did not forget about the legalization of unauthorized construction, which now applies only to private residences farmsteads, built without a permit for construction work.

By the way, the possibility of legalizing illegally built private house has allowed the government to account for the rise in construction of the end of this year. So in Minregionstroy predict that in 2010 the country will be commissioned 8,5-9 million square feet. m of housing against the 6.4 million square meters. m in 2009. However, if you remove the share legalized samostroev, the figures will slide to the level of last year. "Today we have entered 7.4 million square meters. M of housing together with the objects of legalizing, or approximately 4.3 million square meters. M of housing without legitimizing. In 2009, we entered all 6.4 million square meters. M of housing and planning, that this year we introduce 6,5-6,6 million square feet. m ", - said yesterday, Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Construction Dmitry Isaenko. Obviously, next year, according to official statistics should expect even greater growth in housing construction in operation.

The deputy minister said that the bill provides for the continuation of the practice of legalization samostroev in 2011. However, under the legalization allegedly become subject new types of buildings: social facilities, recreation, pioneer camps and facilities housing up to five floors.

Meanwhile, in the text of the draft law posted on November 25 on one of the construction sites, you can read that legalization applies only to the illegally built private residential farmsteads, cottages and garden houses and public buildings are the first and second categories of complexity, that under existing building codes do not provide any housing.

Probably, in the text for the past week has been attribution, providing the legalization of five-storey apartment buildings. However, the question remains: how many in Ukraine, five-story samostroev?

Simferopol known precedent, when the District Court ruled capital Authority in April this year the decision to demolish illegally built by a five-story building in downtown. Owner of an apartment building was a Turkish citizen.

Incidentally, in neighboring Russia is not the first scandal erupted periodically with high-rise samostroyami. The scheme is very simple. Natural persons buying property in land with a category for individual housing construction, or under the hand of private farming, and begins to build upon it a house without any permits (officially get permission to build high-rise apartment building on the lands of these categories is impossible). Later, a real estate firm started advertising new homes at below market prices. Contract with the buyer is made so that the builder is a minimum of liability, Realtor none at all, and the buyer must pay in advance the cost of the apartment, which the contract is defined as the proportion of in house construction. In the end, after a housewarming he gets a problem with supply of utilities to the house, the inability to sell just bought an apartment (on contract is a share in a house for sale which can be done with the consent of the other equity holders) and in the end, it is absolutely legitimate court order to demolish samostroya .

However, according to the "Comments" President of the Association of Realtors of Ukraine Serhiy Sinister such five-story samostroi may just be a three-storey cottage. Under current building regulations, the height of premises from floor to ceiling must be at least 2,5 m and in areas with average July temperature +21 ˚ C - no less than 2.7 m. However, often the elite cottages this figure considerably overstated. Thus, a good country house with three floors and the attic will add to the norms approach is a five-story apartment building. Who is in the country is able to build a "hatynku" without a building permit aloud, as a rule, do not say.
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