Five tips for property investors in 2011

20.02.2011 08:48
Articles about real estate | Five tips for property investors in 2011 When investing in real estate the best advisor is a professional consultant, and a detailed independent analysis of the market, its rental potential, the distribution of tourist flows, etc. The company's specialists have prepared IntermarkSavills 5 key recommendations when investing in real estate in 2011

1. Do not follow the crowd. All private investors in speculative markets involves the crowd. A to Russian investors this applies in the first place. After all, many of them peculiar rash decision to buy real estate based on the not always successful example teammate. Suffice it to recall the classic examples of the collapse of the investment (Dubai, Calabria), where property prices have increased only in the price lists, but in fact a virtual rise in prices was provided by the appearance of new buyers.

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2. Do not listen to the advice of friends. In the worst investment advisors - friends. They can dissuade you from any project or venture, for example, from buying a hotel room without any logical justification. Meanwhile, in the opinion of the Director of Department of investments in foreign real estate companies IntermarkSavills Igor Indriksonsa, professional advice on investing in real estate in Russia yet. And in Europe, in order to engage in such activities must be certified by a financial adviser or investment adviser, and in transactions provides for criminal liability and insurance.

3. Do not play the exotics. Russian investors are very fond of exotic markets: Thailand, Vietnam, Tunisia, Egypt, resort real estate. Largely this is due to the fact that these countries are widely represented in the Russian exhibition on real estate, while at these events will never meet, for example, the builder of the UK.

At the same time it is in the exotic countries of the agents pay the highest commissions (up to 40%) for marketing. Realtors for a good percentage of the transaction promise clients a profit even on the market collapsed in Dubai or on the coast of Bulgaria, where European investors have stopped buying real estate a few years ago. When investing in real estate has to choose a stable low risk countries, as do Western pension funds.

4. No bank or step. Private investor is easier to protect yourself when the bank controls the deal, primarily because the bank thinks that for any amount in case of default of the investor, he could sell the object. Give an example of the Italian region of Calabria, who suffered from a virtual growth in property prices, where mortgage banks just were not given.

Buying property for 100% of equity, the investor thus assumes 100% risk. However, it will be better to share these risks with the bank. If for no other reason that if the object will be difficult to sell, you can always lay it in the bank, even for 70-80% of the cost.

5. Rent, lease and rent again. It is known that real estate can generate revenue not only from the standpoint of capital gains, but also in terms of putting into rent. But even if we consider as an example of the most highly apartment in Moscow (one room, in a panel-rise building near the subway), it is unlikely that someone will be able to say exactly how much of it can be sold in a year. But the outlook for leasing is always more or less understandable.
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